If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, May 6, 2018

First week of May- cooking, fun with grandchildren, yard sale haul and my decluttering and organizing project

lets try this post again.  I just noticed that even though I thought it was published right,  most of the words were missing and the photos were posted twice.  

One Sunday we wanted something sweet for breakfast so I baked a batch of Streusel Puffs.
I've been baking this recipe close 50 years.  My mom found the recipe in a women's magazine and I baked them for a 4H food show, and won a purple ribbon for them.
And I've been baking them ever since.  

they are a very basic recipe- and only use standard pantry ingredients but they taste so good.

Six of our grands were here last week.
They really had fun with the old kitchen tools from the rummage sale.

they are great sand box toys!  and Ducky can't chew them up.

2 of the grandsons saw a youtube video about using a bottle to make a Jello duplicate of it.
this is what it was supposed to look like----

and this is what ours looked like.  I do not recommend doing this but the boys had fun.

3 of the grands had a joint birthday party so I made a tray full of fresh fruit skewers.

I don't know how many I made.  I just kept making them until I used up all the fruit.  The tray was heavy but there were no leftovers after the party.  Its just fun to eat fruit on a stick and no silverware is required.

My son and I went to his neighborhood's yard sales.
My dad wanted an electric skillet and we found this small, like new one for $3.  He was happy and I am sure he be making lots hamburgers and fried pies in it.

 an organizelr and some scented wax

I think this rainbow spoon is a work of art, it was .25. 

My biggest purchase were these Longaberger baskets.

They were such bargains.
The women selling them said they belonged to her aunt who passed last year.  The seller said she had no emotional attachment to the baskets.  She was just happy I bought them all.

This one is not Longaberger but is just about a duplicate and I love the shape

My big project is organizing this crazy craft and sewing room.  Yes I know it is a lot of stuff but I took these pictures almost 2 weeks ago and it doesn't look this at all now.   Ill have the after photos soon.  There is still a little more to do.

Yikes!  I know........

I'm sorry about the previous wacky posts- technology just does what it wants sometimes,  right?


  1. Spring is always a busy time with decluttering. It's a never ending job to keep our craft stuff and kitchen stuff in order. The grands look like they are having a lot of fun.

  2. You have been busy. The baskets are beautiful. What is the green stuff? Jello?

  3. Those Longeberger baskets!!! My son used to live near their factory and could get seconds pretty cheap. I got them for all gifting occasions for years. :)

  4. Your grandchildren are adorable, Your streusel puffs and fruit skewers look delicious. Lucky you on those baskets. They are so well made and will last you a very long time. What a bargain!

  5. You got a heck of a deal with the Longaberger baskets!!! I have a few and enjoy them so much.
    Blessings to you,


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