If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tuesday's shopping for the week

Hello again.  I have done almost no couponing or bargain shopping during April but I'm getting back to it.  I have a new financial goal and careful grocery shopping is one way we will reach it.
Above and below is what I bought at Walmart.
The string cheese are my husbands favorite snack.
Most of the other things are things we use and I stocked up on because of Ibotta deals
Ibotta is an app that refunds your money for buying specific things.

I always check the Walmart day old bread-

Below is my Walmart receipt.
The cheese was a great deal.  Each bag had a $1 coupon attached so that made their purchase price just $1.38 - and youll see below that Ibotta gave me back $1 for each bag so the final cost as .38 for 1/2 pound of cheese

At Aldi,  I bought produce and a few ingredients we need.
The mini doughnuts and strawberries were a snack to take to my parents when my brother and3 grands were there.
The 1 pound boxes of Spring Mix are my favorite salad base.  1 pound is a lot of salad too!

Aldi receipt

I shopped at Dollar General and used 3 digital coupons from their app.
The bleach is from their dollar aisle and is a great price for bleach.  I am not brand loyal on bleach and I do use it on all white loads to sanitize kitchen towels, cloth napkins, washcloths,
also undies and handkerchiefs and cleaning rags.

I think $6.65 was a very low out of pocket purchase, especially for things we use often.  

these are the digital coupons I used there.
They change often so if you shop there,  always check the app the day you shop.


When I got home,  I entered my receipts on to a few apps that give cash back or you can earn gift cards.  This part goes very fast,.

The Walmart receipt goes on SavingsCatcher  

My big earner  was Ibotta.   Before I shopped, it did take a while to plan my shopping around their deals.  They have hundreds of deals but I only picked these as they at things we use and need.

The McCormick refund included the 3 Frenchs mustards.

I also entered my receipts onto Receipt Hog and Receipt Pal.
They don't have referral credit but if you search in your app store,  you will find them.
You won't earn fast but they truly take just seconds to enter your receipts.   I say when things take so little effort to save a few dollars,  do them.

I also used Fetch which I've posted about earlier.

I looked on Savings Start and Checkout 51 but didn't have any new offers to get credit for today.
I did see on Checkout 51 that I had previously earned enough to cash out so I requested a check be mailed to me.

I get it that some people don't want to do all these apps but I think most of readers are always trying to stretch their dollars and all these apps and careful shopping at multiple stores can be ways to do that.

I apologize to readers in other countries as I think these apps are all USA only.

I do have an Ibotta referral code,  I think if you use my code and are a first time ibotta use,  you will get $10 for signing up and doing your first purchase.

If you got this far,  thanks for reading and I hope my tips help you if you want to do some super penny pinching.


  1. The prices there are much lower than here. They seem to be lower in most places. Good for you. It helps to stretch the budget. Good luck in your new financial goal.

  2. Hi Joyful,
    Prices are lower where we are. The cost of living in Oklahoma is one of the lowest of all 50 states. Of course wages are usually lower too. :(

    1. OIC, I didn't realize that the cost of living was the lowest in Oaklahoma. I understand about the wages so good thing everything is less expensive or you might have to move :-)

  3. If anyone wants to be on my Ibotta team, use this referral code when you sign up

    You will get $10 and I will get $5.
    And thank you for reading this ❤️

  4. WOW great job. You got a nice haul.

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I’m just bargain shopping kind of like you ❤️

  5. I'll have to look for the eggs at Aldi. The price for organic, cage free eggs have really gone up here.

    1. I really prefer the eggs from chickens who eat a decent diet and aren’t caged. I’m sure their lives are far from wonderful but I truly thing they taste better and have less watery consistency than the cheaper eggs. At my Aldi, they have always been 3.49/dozen. I think the cheaper standard eggs were $1.89 this week.

  6. All your deals were so good Rhonda. I'm impressed with your cleaning deals. I actually ran out of laundry detergent somehow and today I bought 8 bottles of All at Kroger for $1.99 each. Wish I had a coupon but thought that was a good deal. I don't do apps (no smart phone) but my daughter is always bragging about how much she saves. Your right they are more than worth the little time it takes for sure. With these deals for groceries, I think you will make your goal in no time!

    1. Vickie, I mostly to my apps on an Ipad and I think some of them can be done on a computer.
      You did good on your ALL detergent.

  7. Hi!
    Great job!!!
    We use the Walmart Savings Catcher too.
    My daughter loves to take charge of that!

    1. Good for your daughter! I think apps are easier for the younger gen than for lots of us full grown adults.

  8. I had to re-read your post as I couldn't believe the low prices. I'm in Illinois and we're well over $3.00 a gallon for gasoline. You sure kicked the hind end with your deals, great job. Love your blog, learn so much...... Patti

    1. Your gas prices at $3 sounds great. Here in Redlands, CA we are paying $3.43 for the cheap stuff. Some stations are close to $4 per gallon. And still, our crazy CA. government wants to raise taxes on gas even more. We would love to move but my husband is very fortunate with the VA here. No problems like other states.
      blessings, jilly

    2. Hi Patti, thanks so much for the compliment. I'm glad you like my blog.
      Gas in our town is about $2.48-$2.58 right now I think. There is so much more oil field and fuel industry stuff going on in Oklahoma over the last few years. They are good paying jobs and I'm happy we are producing energy here instead of buying it from overseas.
      I remember in 2009, right around when I quit my job, gas in Oklahoma was right at $4 a gallon and that was hard.

      Ive seen on the news that Illinois has huge tax rates. I know that is difficult, and probably frustrating when so many tax dollars seem to spent foolishly.

    3. Hi Jilly, I'm always happy when you comment and I wish you still had a blog.
      My husband gets most of his VA medical care in our town at a small VA clinic. He's even had the same primary care doctor for about 4 years. He does have to go to the big OKC VA hospital some but not too often. We are pretty happy with his care levels right now too.

  9. I should be getting a new cell phone in November--will be using these apps to save, thanks for posting them. I know you're too young, but some of the readers may like to know they shop at Brookshires on Tuesdays to get a 'senior' discount of an additional 5% off their bill.

    1. Evelyn, I'm 60 so I think I should rate most senior discounts :)
      about these apps, I mostly do them on my Ipad, and not my phone.

  10. Ok, I think you've about got me convinced to try the Ibotta. I'm going to try to download it when I get a minute and we will see how it goes. As you mentioned, us "really grown-up grown-ups" sometimes have a little trouble with new things like that!

    Ok, I loaded it on. Do I have to choose only 1 store per offer? I never know which store I'm going to be at.

    1. Thank you Becky ❤️ You can check off the offer on one store before you shop if you want or you can check it on several stores before you shop,
      Or you can check off what you buy after you shop and before you submit your receipt.

      I scan the offers before shopping and check off anything I think could be a good deal. I also make a list before I shop of what I’m thinking about buying.

      But I don’t just buy stuff for a deal, it has to be products we want to try, or old favorites or things we will need.

      I hope Ibotta works for you and thanks again.

    2. I did sign up, figured out how to load some stuff on there, and went shopping at one store only. I successfully loaded the receipt onto the app after I shopped, and just like that, I have $7.50 in credit. I am a bit baffled, though. Although I never bought orange juice, or claimed to buy any, they credited me .25 for orange juice. I suppose .25 isn't going to break anyone's bank, so I'm not going to worry about it, but it was obviously a computer error or something.

      I am glad to be able to use your code, since I enjoy your blog very much, and I don't think I would have signed up for anything like this without a little encouragement:) Hopefully, you will get a bonus! I know I am getting $10 after I earn $10 on the app, which looks like it will be easy to reach.

      Also, I didn't buy things I wasn't going to use anyway, but who doesn't need bananas, or anything in the store, or for me, gluten-free bread? Now, if only I had figured out that Walgreens was a choice, BEFORE I ordered my daughter's graduation announcements on-line!

    3. Hi Becky, once when I bought dog treats, it gave me some mystery credit. The app said the big bags had a refund and I bought 1 big bag and 2 small bags. It gave me refunds for the small bags as well as the big bag even though they weren't included. I think it goes by UPC numbers so I'm guessing the error is how Ibotta added the UPCs in the first place. And once it's there, I couldn't delete it.
      I hope the shopping apps help you. Some weeks the offers are things I want and other times, I may go weeks without a good deal. Except I do the .25 any item whenever I see it reset.

      And thanks again Becky. The $5 referral credit from you was in my account. We are also on the same team and I guess at times we may help each other make goals but i guess we will see how that goes in the future.

    4. I have been trying this and that with the Ibotta app this week. I didn't do something right on my 2nd transaction, and did not get credit for a couple of items. I figured that one out on the next receipt. All you do is push the button that says you did not get credit for all of the things you bought, and they let you scan the barcodes and then they give you credit. I'm still on a learning curve, but I did get my first $10, and several bonuses, and so forth.

      I'm happy to be on your team:) :). They gave me 50c for being on your team and we "met a goal." Go us!! I sincerely hope you got more than 50 c since you are the mighty team leader:). I agree that I probably won't always find thing I need, but the gluten-free month coupons have been extremely helpful this month, as have the 7th generation dish soap coupons. We have some allergic people around here, and they have to have the natural soaps and I eat exclusively gluten-free, which is expensive all the time. The candy coupon--not so much. I bought the caramel M and M's and ate them!!!! Hopefully, I can save the remaining candy I bought for my nephew's birthday, which was the original intention. Bad me, but boy were they good:)

      I've got about $30 racked up in my account already, but that will slow down with a screeching halt once they aren't rewarding me with big bonuses and once my garden gets going good, because I don't go to the store as much then. I've going to need extra groceries for family dinners, and J's graduation party in the upcoming weeks, so this is a perfect time to have something like this. So far, I'm glad I tried it.

  11. Some great savings, I have a point system in my grocery store where each week there are different items with extra points and then the points can be redeemed towards your purchase.

  12. I love Ibotta. I saved $15 on Ibotta last week. I have to go look up the olives. Hubby loves those.

  13. Wow! You did great! I love the marked down bread rack at Walmart. If I can't find someting I need really cheap there, I make it.


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