If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FitBit- my favorite fitness gadget ever

First, the reason I am showing you my toes is because Betsy had a manicure party on her blog, I was too late for the Linky  deadline but I still wanted to join in.
And if my feet look kind of tired, there is a really good reason.  I have been walking, lots of walking, more than ever I think.
My husband has health coverage for both us through his employer.  Through that company, all employes and covered spouses were offered FitBits if we participated in a physical assessment and did some online questionnaires.  I had never heard of a FitBit so I looked them up online. 
They are a fancy pedometer that sync automatically with whatever computer or smart device you set your account up on. 
FitBits count your steps, tell you the distance you've walked and how many calories you've burned.  They also tell time, just a little bonus.  They can be clipped to your clothes or just kept in your pocket. 

I wore mine for a few days, just to see how much walking I did in an average day and it was about 2 miles, just doing housework, errands, childcare. 
Then I joined in with the leader board with other employees and spouses and started walking as much as I could. Competition helps with motivation and I have stayed at the top by walking at least 5 miles a day.  
I've been doing it about a month and got my 250 mile badge from FitBit.  Sometimes I walk a few miles in our neighborhood or at a walking trail in our town. Much of my walking is done in my house, going from one end to the other or making a loop through the kitchen, living room and dining room. It takes me about an hour to get 3 miles. 

I have lost a few pounds but nothing dramatic.  I do feel better though. 

My husband is wearing his FitBit and also walking as much as he can.  He has really good days and then has not so good days as his knees just don't cooperate like he wants them too. 

FitBits are small, see the paper clip beside mine?  I think our models sell for about $60 and are sold at places like BestBuy, Amazon and the FitBit site.  

In case you can't tell, I think FitBits are great! 


  1. I think what's great is that you earned your 250 mile badge! :) Good job!! I've been walking with my neighbor for the past month or so too. we try to stay within 4-5 miles. I haven't lost any weight really but I'm definitely getting more fit, and I love it :)

  2. My husband's company started this about two years ago - BeWell is the one they're using. They have a fitness challenge for all the employees every quarter to see which "team" can log the most miles.

  3. love the nail color! That is really pretty!

    The fitbit thing is really neat! I'm not surprised you walk 2 miles just working around the house!

  4. Your fitbit is so cool. Keep at the top of that leader board!!

  5. Congratulations on walking 5 miles a day - that's a lot! I have a little pedometer, but I've never used it. Probably too chicken to see how much more walking I need to do every day! :-) Your toes look great, BTW.

  6. Good for you! I walk about 45 minutes most days of the week, I do have friends that I walk with usually and that helps.
    Have a good weekend!


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