If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This weeks sewing- several projects

My daughter will be going with her family and in laws to the beach for a week soon.  
She prefers to dress my grand daughter in modest swim wear. 
 I am not sure how she ended up with this size 5 swimwear when grand daughter needs a 3 or 4, maybe it was the closest size she could find in the style she was looking for.
 She asked me to make it fit and after much thinking and snipping, I did. 

I like that this suit is not only appropriate but it also has SPF protection to help prevent sunburns.
I shortened the top and that part was easy- I just took a 1 inch tuck all the way around just above the top stitching, then I stitched it down too.
The shorts were a little trickier.  I didn't want to mess with the side details on these track shorts, so after much thought,  I made pie shape cuts in the waist band then overlapped the cuts until I removed the necessary 4 inches.  I stitched them down as smooth as possible so they won't be rough or bulky on her skin.

 Daughter was pleased with the alterations but I am not sure my high school home ec teacher would of approved of the hacking I did on the waist band.

Youngest son made this drawing and put it with this corduroy he found in my sewing room.
He requested an organizer for traveling.  
Here is what I came up with -  a tri fold many pocketed tie shut pouch.

I don't think it is for personal care items but things like chargers, a flash light, etc.  

I lined all the patch pockets with a dinosaur print - also from my sewing stash.
This son was a dinosaur nut when he was a little boy and  said he was going to be a paleontologist when he grew up.
 That did not end up being his line of work,
and even though he is all grown up,  In my heart, he is still that cute little boy who thought dinosaurs were the best thing ever.

I also made 2 pacifier clip straps for the youngest grandson and am working on 2 peasant tops for me. The tops are almost finished but I don't like how the sleeves are so big and want to add some narrow elastic to the bottom of them. 

Did you do any sewing this week?  


  1. How great to hear of a mom and grandma who dress the little one in age appropriate spring wear. You are a gem for being able to alter it for your grandchild.

  2. You are such a talented person. I love how you modified E's swim suit for her. Love the dinosaur lining and the kit. That will really be useful on the road, I am sure! No sewing for me except to make yo-yos. I am sure that qualifies for sewing! LOL!!

  3. I absolutely love the organizer pouch! I agree with Susan -- what talent you have. And Jimmy, I'm sure, will be very happy with his kit.

  4. We love the swimsuit alterations and can't wait to try it out! The swimsuit was so big because that was the only size swimwear I could find that had shorts. Apparently all swimsuit designers think little girls need to wear bikinis because that's all I could find in stores and online.
    Love Jimmy's organizer!

  5. I haven't done any sewing all year! I think that slipcover I made took all the sewing out of me :)

    The organizer is neat!


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