If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pretty happy funny real


My husband had a pre surgery check in this morning. It all went well from good tests to very helpful friendly caring hospital staff. 
This is just a portion of the stained glass that is the first thing you see when entering the orthopedic wing,  it is so big and beautiful-


not much funny this week-  at least nothing with a picture

The gas we bought today- we saw gas for this price at a number of stations in Oklahoma City. 

Even though we were gone all morning, we ended up eating all 3 meals at home today. Restaurant food just didn't work with our schedule and didn't sound good.
This is all the dishes we used today for very simple meals, washed in one session after supper.
Eating at home just results in dishes to wash- no way around it. 

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Lena said...

These are some nice gas prices! It's been a while since we had prices below $3...I'm pretty happy with our $3.30 right now!

Unknown said...

We saw gas in Mississippi for $2.96 on our way to the casino. We headed straight back to that gas station on our way home and it had jumped to $3.08 in two hours! (and yes, we only stayed at the casino for two hours. I'm a sore loser.)

Anonymous said...

Praying your hubby recovers quickly.

Our gas here in Redlands Ca is a low of 3.59, the real cheapo gas as my son calls it. The station where we get gas...87, is a low of 3.69. Sadly, our truck runs very poorly on the 'cheapo' gas.
blessings, jill

Anonymous said...

Totally off subject here...to lazy to email ya. Hubby went to the VA on Tuesday. Turns out the prostate biopsy from Jan. left him with a bacterial infection, yes he is just finding out. My mom nearly died 5 years ago from a bacterial infection. Once again, I am left shaking my head at the VA. Good thing I wasn't at the appt. The meds are so heavy duty that after looking online they also use the meds for those exposed to anthrax. The side effects are a mile long. Of course, no apologies from the VA.
blessings, jill
ps. this appt had been rescheduled twice by the VA.

Debby said...

Our gas prices too have come down but not as much as yours. There is no getting around dirty dishes, what I don't mess up the grands do when playing house

Tammy said...

We saw gas for just under $3 in Omaha yesterday. It was the beginning of rush hour, so I didn't even consider trying to get off the interstate to get some - I was just interested in getting out of there as quickly as I could! LOL.
Glad Jeff had a good appointment. Hopefully this will be the last surgery needed for a very long time.

lil red hen said...

Do you hand wash your dishes? I have to ~ not by choice, but by drain problems! It isn't too bad really; seems the kitchen stays a bit neater this way.

Rhonda said...

We have a dishwasher but it doesn't clean the dishes all the way. It is also loud and runs so long. Even if it worked right, we just like the evenings more quiet and peaceful without 90 minutes of the noisy dishwasher..
I don't mind hand washing and I don't normally let the dishes pile up all day long either. Of all the modern appliances to live without, a dishwasher is easy to be without for me anyway.

Rhonda said...

This is unfortunately similar to Jeff's last surgery. At the VA, on the knee revision this past winter, a day or so after the surgery some drs, told us there was infection in the knee and they were going to operate again and put in a medicine pump and put his leg in a straight cast for 6 months - yikes right? Well, they started him on powerful antibiotics and kept checking the infection levels.
We are not sure but we think they had his results mixed up with someone else's as he had no signs of infection as they kept watching him, they sure scared us!

I know this stuff can happen anywhere. But, everything seems so much nice, more professional and just better at the Catholic hospital where the next surgery will happen.

That is just inexcusable about your husband just finding out about his bacterial infection. Is he sure? I don't think they are the least bit careful with test results.

Susan in SC said...

Such a lovely stained glass window. Very calming. Prayer for a successful surgery this time!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Currently gas is 3.49 here and that's the lowest I have seen it in ages and ages. The stained glass is beautiful and so are piled up dishes...because they speak of home cooking :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are sure as his urine was checked again. What also is a bit maddening is that according to the US Library of Medicine(where I got my information on the drug) he should have his urine checked while on the meds...at least three weeks. He stated no return appt. while on the meds. They want him back in Jan. to check his PSA levels as they are always high. I am afraid he will never go back in for a prostate biopsy after this mess. After you stated it could be a mistake I chuckled, as I tease Dieter he never should have signed paperwork letting some research group take a skin sample from his back after his first biopsy. I joke all these appts. are to gather extra samples for the VA and their 'testing' of veterans. Maybe it isn't so funny now that I think about it.

I told Dieter if I ever need medical attention...take me Loma Linda University Hospital, they can experiment on me all they want, and I know I will get great care and answers. I loved Balboa Naval Hosp. but just too far now.

Hope Jeff is doing better.
blessings, jill

❤️ Rhonda ❤️