If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Less busy on Wednesday

I didn't have much on my list today. I cut out coupons, worked on my manicure and went to the bank for cash so while I was out, I stopped at Walmart, Dollar Tree and Aldi.
Walmart. -used 2 coupons from Sundays paper for lipstick and nail polish. 
  The gallon can of tomato sauce is make a big batch of pasta sauce to freeze.

Aldi- rest of the groceries were bought there. We didn't need much this week.

Most of the granola bars will go to work with my husband to keep in his desk drawer.
The other snacks are for the grands snack box.
See that clear tub in the pantry floor? It holds little bags chips, fruit snacks, granola bars. One of the grandchildren has a hard time when they have to leave so I first started the box so that child could get a treat to have on the way home and to make leaving not so difficult.
It worked, goodbyes are much easier and all the grands know where the snack box is now.
Dollar Tree - they have a new batch of solar powered wiggle animals. It is rainy today so neither one is swinging but they will be when the sun reappears.

This is the little measuring cup I got at the thrift store yesterday for 25 cents. It really is tiny, each line is 1 tablespoon or a total of 1/4 cup.  I think I will use it often, so many times I need a small amount like 2 T of oil or milk for a recipe......

Also yesterday, I cut back some of the dead zinnia and put them in a paper bag to finish drying. Each zinnia is filled with many seeds. I should be ready for next spring to grow more zinnias!

Supper tonight was some leftover grilled chicken legs, a big tossed salad and stir fried cabbage.

Grandchildren will be here the next couple days so housework will be done only on a must do basis. I won't be doing any big projects either, just watching grands ride bikes or play with toys and I sure lots of hugs will be involved too. 


  1. Love the little solar animals. I bet that little measuring cup will come in handy! My grandparents use to do that with zinnia and cockscomb seed. We do too if we have zinnias.

  2. I love my tiny measuring cups and I think you will too.

  3. The solar animals ~ how cute!
    I try to save seeds from my plants; that way you get so many more seeds than what comes in bought packets and they usually all come up.
    Gone are my days of keeping grands; they range in age from 27 to 15 and I rarely see them anymore.

  4. I should get one of those monkeys for Bess. Her theme is monkey for her nursery.
    I love that little measuring cup! I think it would be very handy too, especially making pastry.

  5. Cute monkeys! If my errands take me close to a dollar store tomorrow I will have to look for one. Megan would be delighted.

  6. I didn't know they made small measuring cups with tablespoons, and I love it! I agree that it will be very handy for measuring small amounts of liquids instead of using a spoon which can spill so easily.

  7. When my husband was little, he would throw fits when he left his grandma's house. She kept a bag of potato chips on top of the fridge to give him some when he had to leave. He still loves potato chips.

    I agree that the solar animals and the measuring cup are very cute.

  8. Your pantry looks so organized, I love it! I am going to steal your idea of putting snacks in the tote, except I will use a smaller one. That way my adult kids :) won't be asking where's all of the good stuff is hiding. The little measuring cup sells at Wal-Mart for between $1 and $2 . I had one in my hand but put it back because my daughter said that it would be one more thing in the kitchen. I am going to go back cause I thought that it was the cutest thing and I cant get it out of my mind, especially after seeing yours.

  9. hi
    you have a wonderful pantry. love the solar animals.
    have a nice week,


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