If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


There is no fruit quite as good as Arkansas peaches picked ripe straight from the tree.
My parents and my inlaws all shop at this Farmers Market in Texarkana, Arkansas. They buy lots of produce there like okra, tomatoes and squash. Peaches are the favorite though.

My brother is a peach fan too. He bought these 2 cartons Saturday morning to take back to his home in Oklahoma. 
I should of put something beside these peaches to show their actual size. They are much bigger than grocery store peaches, closer to the size of grapefruits.

My family has always prized fresh picked peaches. This photo is from around 1987 or so. 
My mom and her mom are sitting beside the peaches they just picked in Arkansas. 
Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Jarvis were also here for this harvest.
Home canned peaches are good but we always preferred to preserve ours by  freezing. Just peel the fresh ripe peaches, take out the stone and slice them. Mix with a little Fruit Fresh to prevent browning and sugar as desired then freeze in whatever size containers you choose. 
Peaches on the tree, ripe to harvest. 

This photo is so funny to me. 
The brown sacks contain some kind of produce that my aunt, uncle and grandmother bought and who knows what is in the ice chests. You can see their peaches in the white boxes. Everything is spread out in my parents driveway while Uncle Jarvis tries to load it in his car trunk, under Grandma's supervision. 

This afternoon, I peeled and sliced what was left of the peaches I brought back from Arkansas. They were so sweet, I didn't add any sugar before I froze them. 


  1. Wow...those are beautiful peaches! I love that picture of them on the tree...I don't think I've ever seen peaches that big! Love the old photos....so fun to keep the tradition going!

  2. Those peaches look delicious! I love the smell of peaches, but unfortunately I am allergic to them :(. I can't touch them, let alone eat them. Enjoy them!

  3. We live in an area where we can go pick peaches or buy them already picked. The peaches seem larger this year; perhaps because we've had plenty of rain My first paying job was picking peaches and working in the packing shed. Guess that tells where I live!

    1. Charlotte, I had already guessed what state you live in, where the best peaches grow :)

  4. I love frozen peaches in a smoothie with coconut milk and some honey!

    1. Alyssa, I like smoothies too and I froze some peaches in small containers, just the right amount for one smoothie.

  5. I just ate the last peach we had yesterday..white peaches, oh so good. Your post has my mouth watering for more. Maybe a trip up to Oak Glen to see if they have any left. What a huge amount of peaches in that one photo...oh my gosh. Glad you did not add sugar this time...I thought at first I had frozen my peaches wrong. Maybe I am lazy, but freezing is so much easier to me.

    blessings, jill

  6. Ooops I lost my comment again. This has been happening a lot lately if I type my comment before I am logged into blogger.

    As I was saying, I love peaches though i don't get to eat them that often. I have a bag of sliced peaces in my freezer waiting for a special dish though not quite sure what yet. Mom suggested chicken and peaches so we will see.

    I like that your family has a tradition of preserving peaches and I like your vintage photos too!

  7. Gorgeous peaches! I am going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow. I love buying straight from the farmer, without the middle man. It is a better deal for me and the farmer get a better price also.
    I freeze peaches like you do, but I still make one batch of pickled peaches to get us through the year. A few years ago I got a little smarter and started freezing small batches of peaches specifically for small peach cobblers. It is my husbands favorite dessert , but I don't like cooked fruit so I learned to make the cobblers half sized, which is really 2 generous portions. Now I freeze 1 cup of sliced peaches with the same amount of sugar I would use if making it with fresh peaches. All i have to do is dump them semi frozen onto the batter. And to think it only took me 50 or so years to learn how to do it like this.

  8. We have a 4 year old peach tree and it was loaded, so loaded a couple of limbs broke!
    They were so yummy, I could've ate a ton of them in one sitting....very sweet, like candy! I have frozen them too, so easy to do....

    I just got done freezing blackberries, and baked blackberry muffins yesterday...
    We will be picking our two apple trees and the pear tree pretty soon here in Northern Ca.

    Love the pictures of your family tradition.

  9. One of the service organizations in town gets and sells peaches from Colorado each summer. I've had boxes from them of the big fruits like you have and they're indescribably luscious. I found a recipe for peach rosemary jam that is amazingly delicious and everyone got some for Christmas that year.

  10. I enjoyed the old photos! :) Just ate two local peaches not too long ago and could eat them all day. In season and local is like heaven! :)


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