If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend doings and Blog Comment problems

First- I've been having trouble leaving comments on some blogs. I can add the comment and it looks like it was done but on blogs that have comment approval,  some of my comments don't go through and I get a long jibberish email saying this

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
and it goes on and one but that is the top of the emails.

It is very frustrating and I have been in contact with some of the bloggers.
Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my comments to go through or how to fix this?

I have certainly been annoyed by spam commenters. 
My blog comment settings seem to be working pretty good on filtering out spam right now- I don't have the word verification,  commenters have to be registered users and I only require approval on comments on posts more than 7 days old. 

now on to more pleasant topics......

we get most of our eggs from some country friends that home-grow them.  We haven't had any for a few months but they have new hens now.  The eggs are small but aren't the colors pretty? there are 4 shades of white, beige and brown.  The blue eggs are the bluest chicken eggs I've ever seen.
3 of the grands were here at the same time and they liked digging in the new dirt pit. 
When I helped my parents downsize, I got 2 very nice bundt cake pans.  I used this rose shaped one to bake a yellow cake
I frosted it with the chocolate frosting left from last week's acorn project. The frosting had been in a covered bowl in the fridge and was fine. Waste not, want not!

Costume fun-

This is my daughter in law Sheena at her job on Friday.  She is as pretty and as sweet as an angel too  
below- the 2 little pirates are granddaughter Andie and her cousin Lily.  I think the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy passing out candy are so funny~  the man is really named Andy but I am amazed he is happily dressed as a big rag doll. 

here are 2 of my grands in costume looking forward to candy. 


  1. haven't had that comment problem....sounds irritating!

    Cute angel your DIL makes! :) The kiddos look like they had fun too!

  2. I've had similar problems with my emails; can't send one out without getting a big list of the reasons why, which only puzzle me more. :)

  3. The grands and DIL are so sweet! Your chocolate cake looks delicious - save me a piece and I will be over shortly! Wouldn't that be fun?

  4. I've had some problems with the comments, too, and gotten the emails just as you say. I had contacted the blogger in the beginning, but just let it go afterwards. Finally, I tried to hit the "Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" to post a comment to her blog and it worked. However, it only worked the one time. I guess just clicking it didn't subscribe me.

    Precious pictures of all the grand-darlings.

  5. I have had the same problem if I use my iPad to comment. Finally figured out how to make it work. It is very frustrating when blogger doesn't work on fixing problems.

  6. Not sure about the comment issue but your family is fun to view in their Halloween costumes! :)

  7. I had the comment issue too. I contacted Yahoo and they explained the problem. It has something to do with our blogs and spam. To fix this I had to sign up with Gmail. Once you switch emails you must go into your Blogger profile and update it with your new email address. Hope that helps!

  8. Hi. I am enjoying reading your blog. I don't have comments on my blogs (I used to..I guess I am just lazy now) but I have had a hard time posting on others at times. I find it works best if you are already logged on into your account BEFORE you click on the comments section to post (I use my gmail account). Also, the 2-step work verification is very helpful to prevent against spam.

  9. I think the comment problem really stems from Google Plus. Some bloggers are using that on their blogs and when they do, I notice I get the same email bounced back. I do not have a Google Plus account nor do I plan on opening another account, but it might be the problem.
    blessings, jill


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