If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Off schedule....

I had a long lasting stomach bug almost 3 weeks ago. I've been better for awhile but I am still off my normal regular daily activities.  Not sure if it is just from being a little weak or if this winter weather is slowing me down or what. 
So that is my explanation for so few blog posts.  

Right now, I am waiting for these cinnamon rolls to cool.  My husband asked me to make them so he could share them at work, but he didn't request them until after supper or I would of started them earlier.
I am not a night owl and am normally asleep by now, but since I've been so off schedule, I am happily baking cinnamon rolls.  I wish you all could smell them- they smell great.  Once they cool off, I'll cover them up for the night and then in the morning, I'll frost them and maybe sprinkle with chopped nuts. 

I made 2 trips to CVS and combined manufacturer coupons and store coupons and sales and extra care bucks, the purchases below cost me 59 cents cash and my other similar purchase but is not photographed was less than $2.  And I have more than $20 in CVS bucks to spend on future purchases. 
If you are wanting to stretch your budget, I really encourage you to pick out a local store and look up their deals online, especially on a Facebook group or YouTube videos, as I've posted about before.  
It does take some research and organization but it really can add up to big savings.  
I shop CVS because there is one in my town and in a close convenient location.  

I see posts about great deals at Target, Rite Aid, Publix, Kroger- and others.  
Getting deals stretches our budget and it's fun! 

I think those rolls might be cool enough to cover up now and I am going to bed.  
I should have very sweet dreams as our home smells like a Cinnabon bakery 
Good night for now


  1. Your husband is lucky with cinnamon rolls to share at work! He will be popular and so will you!
    I hope you are feeling better. My husband has a bad stomach bug just now. Not nice.
    You do very well on your specials. You have inspired me with the deals you get. I am reading my junk mail and looking online to not miss great deals.
    Thank you Rhonda.xxx

  2. Rhonda, What a deals you get at CVS, I'm beginning to think making a little trip to CVS in the next town over might be worth it. I sorry you haven't been feeling well and I hope you are over it now.
    You would probably laugh at us as we went to three stores yesterday to get the deals at each one. We just might start doing this every week if we have time..Your right it does take research..almost like a job

  3. Rhonda, I can just about smell those cinnamon rolls....they look divine! You really make the most of your CVS specials, so be proud. I hope you are feeling better soon....Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Rhonda! Been out of the loop a bit...
    lots going on here. I was just doing some back reading about your couponing and CVS and savings...
    my daughter started doing this same type of shopping and wheeling and dealing last year. Man! it has sure come in handy with the new baby-- lots of diapers and baby items for free or really cheap, also-- she hasn't had to go to the store much since the baby has been born. With the baby, cold temps, snow and ice-- it has been nice for her to live off the 'store-house'!
    I am curious-- do you live far from town and CVS?
    You make several trips to get great deals throughout the month-- we get paid once a month... traveling and making these purchases, isn't something I've tried to do with our fixed income and once a month shopping schedule. Any tips?
    thanks in advance!


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