If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, December 28, 2015

Decorating, CVS and Budget Planning

Hello everyone!  
We didn't put out a huge amount of Christmas decorations so they were easy to pack away today.   It always feels fresh to pack them away, doesn't it? 
Then, we put out a little white tree with snow themed decorations.  I enjoy the twinkle lights and this little tree is just right for now.  

CVS purchase this week
I spent a bigger than normal amount but it was less that I expected it to be.  Because the cashier overlooked the blades at first, my total is on 2 transactions.  
3 jumbo packs of Charmin toilet tissue
6 Pantene hair care items
3 Revlon color stay lipsticks
Gillette blades and a razor
And a box of 1/2 priced clearance cookies my husband picked out.
I spent $47.13 and got back $24 in ExtraCareBucks and will get back $5 BeautyBucks for the Pantene  and makeup.  I used newspaper coupons, CVS app and redbox coupons, and $10 ExtraCareBucks from previous purchases.  
ECBs for next week

A new year is starting and I just redid my home notebook where I keep track of bills, and spending and such.   Our budget is simple and last year I used some free printable monthly sheets from a blog and I was so happy to see she is offering updates ones for 2016.  I've printed the news and updated my book.  Her sheets worked great for us in 2015.  
Below is the link to these great printables.  They are free but she asks that you subscribe to her blog.  
I recommend both! 


  1. I like your white tree. This year I didn't put up my larger Christmas tree. That saved me a lot of time and stress, lol. I just have a small white tree on table top with red baubles and lights and it looks so nice lit up each night along with the the mantel and bookshelves fairy lights. I'm glad you're ending the year in stress free fashion and ready to take on 2016. Happy New Year!

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  3. I love the size of your white tree- pretty and small. Looks like something we should consider next year! Great CVS deals! Have a great night!

  4. Great deal on your CVS! I love your tree.

  5. I love the white tree also and especially love the transition from Christmas to a New year's look.

  6. Hi Rhonda! Your ahead of me on packing away the Christmas things. That's a great idea to put up a winter tree. The house seems so empty after the holidays.

    Thanks for the link to the budget pages. Used to buy those little bill paying notebooks, but now I just use a plain notebook that I buy for a dime during the back to school sales and make my own.

    Happy New Year!

  7. This year I packed away Christmas the morning after. I then decluttered the living room. I can't tell you how good it feels!

    Great CVS deals!

  8. Hi Rhonda,

    I always put our Christmas decor away on the 1st or 2nd of the New Year. My family has always done this and told all us children the reason is so we remember to bring the love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion and adoration of Christ (aka the spirit of Christmas) into the new year. However, on the same note, we do not put our Christmas decor out until 1 or 2 weeks before Christmas. I know many who put up Christmas decor over the Thanksgiving weekend and are VERY ready to have their homes back to "normal" as soon as Christmas is over. If we were to put ours out that early, I would also be ready to "have my home" back asap.

    I like your white New Year's tree, it is very pretty and evokes thoughts of snowy nights in my mind.

    All the great deals you are able to take advantage of by living in a metropolitan area still makes me "jealous". Congratulations on saving those pennies!

    Blessings & Happy New Year,

  9. Dear Rhonda,
    Thank you so much for popping by my blog!!!! :) Happy New Year!

  10. You got some killer deals. I'm going to put away my outdoor stuff tomorrow and clean inside and try and finish my projects.

  11. You did great! Thank you so much for the link to the Budget Calendar.


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