If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, December 5, 2016

A fresh wreath, Irish dancing, a madhouse and CVS

Good morning everyone,
I am normally an early riser and am up and going even earlier today as I have a dental cleaning appointment at 8 a.m. I make my appointments months in advance and I guess this sounded like a good time then but now I am wishing it was later.  Never mind,  I'll go and get it over with.

My brother makes fresh wreaths every year and he brought ours Friday.

This is our 2nd Christmas decoration of 2016.  

I think it is so pretty.  Besides normal tree cuttings, it has pine cones and these dainty blue gray berries.  Whatever they are,  they look great on the wreath.

Our oldest granddaughter has been taking Irish Step Dancing classses for close to a year.  She danced in a Christmas recital this weekend and it was so sweet.
The youngest girls all wear these velvet skirts and tops with the thick white socks and lace up soft sole shoes called Ghillies.

Bath and Body works had a big candle sale this weekend.  I planned to go and buy 4 and be done.  But when we got there, our store was packed! The check out line wrapped all the way through the store and the shoppers trying to select their candles were elbow to elbow.

We just stood outside in amazement for a bit, then took a picture and walked on by.
I like bargains but I was not going to stand in line for hours to save $10 or so on unnecessary candles.

I did shop at a very quiet CVS on our way to church.
The diapers, Dove products and makeup were all deals.  The cough medicine is something my husband needs
I started with $15 in Extracarebucks, some store, app and manufacturer coupons.  Before deals, my total was $90 but I paid $26 and got back $15 Extracarebucks.  I'm happy with that as the mediocre was a $14 need.


American Dreamer said...

Hi Rhonda,

The wreath your brother made is beautiful. I also love that your granddaughter is taking those lessons. I love Irish step dancing.
Her outfit is adorable.

Jane said...

Oh my gosh! Your little granddaughter is adorable in her step dancing costume. What a nice talent to have. Very pretty wreath. Your brother did a great job on it.


Wendi said...

Irish step dancing is fun to watch. I laughed at the candle story. I'm with you and would have walked right by also. Crazy! Your brother is very talented. The wreath looks wonderful!

slugmama said...

Well I'm the idiot who went into the BBW store on Saturday. Same scene here but they had 2 extra cashiers at the front of the store beside the 4 at the back so our wait was only 20 minutes or a bit less. I had hubs with me to hold my place in line while I gathered what I wanted.
The worst part was that the two temporary cashiers where right next to the candle wall so nobody could get to them because of the temp. check-out lines....they should have put the cashiers on the other side of the store. doh!
I had a freebie item Q and a 15% off in addition to the sale on the candles so worth the 20 min. wait.
My future D in-law works part time as a BBWs as a 2nd job. I can now commiserate with her about her job during the Holidays. ;-)

Mimi said...

Rhonda, that wreath is breathtaking! And your little Granddaughter looks so sweet in her Irish dance costume! I hope you have a peaceful December leading up to Christmas. Much Love, Mimi xxx

Jane said...

That little girl looks stunning! The wreath is amazing! What a shame you live half a world away or I would put in an order for a wreath.

Barbara said...

I am always amazed at your CVS shopping. Great job.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Your granddaughter looks so cute! They have a Christmas program here and I just love to go watch them dance!
Good deal on candles too but like you I can't stand lines and would have left. Plus the store didn't look that big!

Debbie said...

The wreath is lovely! Your granddaughter is a real beauty and I am so glad she is taking dance...it's a wonderful thing. I skipped the candle sale because I have more than my share of candles here at home right now. I tend to buy and hoard them. ;)

coleen said...

Beautiful wreath!

Anne in the kitchen said...

What a pretty wreath. I am like you, nothing is worth standing in line an hour to save a few bucks!

Tammy said...

I've been waiting to see this year's wreath from your brother - love it! Elizabeth makes a very pretty little Irish dancer. Do you have Irish in your ancestry?

Rhonda said...

Hi Tammy, we do have mostly Irish and Scottish in our family line. But that's not why Nina picked this type of classes. One of her coworkers daughers also takes it. And the daughter of one of Jimmy's friends takes it. I think the main reason is because this type of dancing is just more modest and appropriate in Nina's eyes. There are a few boys that also dance. Who knows, JJ and Jackson may also be Irish dancing when they are older 😍

Debby in KS said...

The wreath is stunning! I think the berries might be from a cedar tree, but I won't swear to it. I seem to remember a neighbor chopping one down because the berries were messy.

Love the wee lass, too. We have an Irish dancing school in our town and the girls do a lot of public events. I get a Charlie horse just watching them!!

Looks like a fun and tiring night with the kids!

❤️ Rhonda ❤️