If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Second hand chairs, sewing, CVS deals

 Hello blog readers.  I hope you’re all having a good summer.  

I wanted some rolling chairs for my sewing room.  
I didn’t like the retail prices of new chairs.
So we looked at a local thrift store ran by Habitat.  
We bought these 2 for $10 and $2.  

The green one was in great shape but the other one doesn’t match and was missing the back rest cover.  

So I looked in my fabric and found some linen like fabric that is a very close green.  
I sewed a simple slip cover for the back rest and stapled on a seat cover.  

There the chairs are in my sewing room.  
I do use both sewing machines.  
One sews knits really well.
I prefer sewing so the older machine and it sews woven fabric just fine so both machines get used.  

I've been the "new" chairs for a week or 2 and really like them
 can you see the pink fuzz on the chair? 

It's from 2 wraparound towels I made for a granddaughter to take to camp.  

and from 3 towel ponchos I sewed at the request of my daughter.  
they were just beach towels with a hole cut in the center that I finished with bias tape and the sides partially sewn so the towels stay in place when wearing. 

blogging problems-
here is supposed to be a very cute little guy modeling a poncho towel-
 I'll add the photo to my next post.  

CVS this week 
not a huge haul but big enough I think the savings add up-
I spent less than a dollar cash for the above and got money for my next weeks trip too.  
If you can't tell from the photo,  I bought a bag of laundry pods, 3 packs mens razors, 2 lipsticks and 2 toothpaste for $0.92. 

if your looking for ways to spend less on home and personal care products,  I really recommend CVS or Walgreens or RiteAid  or whatever store is available to you.  They are all have good deals if you don't mind spending a little effort to work out the best deals for yourself and then use your store earnings to mostly pay for the next deal and so on.  


  1. Chairs look good. I will be working on sewing covers an new back pillows for my couch and love seat sometime this winter. I may be emailing you with HELP! type questions.

  2. Great deals on the CVS stuff. I need to study CVS again and get busy. Your chair cover turned out great. I bought a new rolling chair from Amazon recently in the same green color. I love it!

  3. Good job on the chairs. That was a good haul in the last picture. I like CVS the best, no RA here, Walgreen's has good deals.

  4. I love that hot-pink wrap-around you made for your grandaughter. She'll be the envy of the other campers! And your towel ponchos sound cool--looking forward to seeing one modeled!

  5. I like the chairs. I also have two machine that I use besides my sergers.

  6. Thank you for sharing the deals.

  7. You have been busy. Great work and deals on the chairs. Perfect!

  8. Great work! I'm sure you're really going to enjoy those chairs. Enjoy your week! Laura at Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Nice CVS score! Your chairs look great. Covering chairs is so easy. Even I have done that over the years and believe me I am no seamstress.


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