If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, January 18, 2021

January 18 - jumble of stuff

Good Monday everyone 
Here’s the new list for this week - decorations  are stickers

This GEICO ad was in a new magazine and I thought the top card was so cute 
The ad is postcards that can really be mailed or just given to someone.  
I drink a bit of tea and that’s why I like the tea one so much.
We aren’t GEICO customers,  I just like this ad.  

Early this morning,  I picked up a Walmart grocery order.  This Walmart is very close to Chic-Fil-a  and Chic-FIL-a has been sending me rewards in emails.  I haven’t bought their food since January 2020 and I guess they want me come back.  
So,  I used those rewards and got us a yummy breakfast,  almost free. 

Then later in the morning I picked up my parents Walmart order. 
My mom was happy that they subbed a 12 pack of toilet paper for the 6 pack she ordered.  
(If Walmart subs a bigger item, the customer only pays for the original item they ordered.) 

Also this morning,  I stopped at CVS as I had some CVS ExtraCareBucks to spend.  

It was all a good deal but some the store coupons did not deduct and I just don’t enjoy figuring out the deals anymore.  
I left with $3 Extracarebucks and I will spend them in the next week or 2 but that will probably be my last coupon shopping trip to CVS.  

Meals this weekend
One grandson was here Sunday morning so made a big  Dutch Baby and sausage links. 
Supper was fried rice made with Saturday’s leftover grilled pork chops and lots of carrots, onions and corn.  


That grandson was tired! 
He spent all afternoon sleeping in a living room and we weren’t being quiet at all. 

In case you can’t tell,  I am not a fan of all the censorship that is occurring and seems to be continuing to occur in the USA.  
I think the powers that be have some good intentions but I also think it’s a very slippery slope and free speech will not be a right in the USA after this.  
I don’t talk politics here  and I don’t consider censorship to be a political issue but a US Constitutional issue.  
I have no solution but..........
But here’s a funny meme about it 

❤️ Rhonda 


Jenny said...

Oh I wish we had a Chik-fil-a in our town.Love them.

I love Walmart grocery pick up too.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

I really like the newer pictures in your header.
That little guy looks tuckered.
I agree our rights are slowly being taken away. I don't think many realize the slippery slope they are going down. Scary.

Practical Parsimony said...

I agree it seems like a slippery slope. Funny picture.

Out My window said...

Love the meme

Rita said...

I hope your grandson is not coming down with something.I notice that you have to moderate comments. There has been a lot of trash talk and incitement to violence on social media platforms; they have to 'moderate comments' too.

lejmom said...

Love your new header pictures!

This was another great post...cute photo of a sleepy little guy...

The meme at the end was great! I cannot believe all the censuring that is going on....modern day book burning? NOT the American way...

Have a great day...

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Wow you got some great deals. Some deals I chase but mostly I just look for great prices..of course if I had a CVS that would be a different story! Have a great day!

terricheney said...

Love the Meme! lol

CVS here started dropping some of my coupons for reasons unknown to me. I loved working out deals and coming out with huge savings that were perfectly legal but two things slowed me down and that was quite some time ago. One manager just didn't buy the idea that I'd gotten a good a deal as I had and kept asking "Are you sure this is allowed? It just doesn't seem right..." I just laughed it off, but that particular store started having stocking issues with certain sales items from that point onward. I have always suspicioned it was manager generated.
Another time, the register ran out of tape as my ECB were being printed out and the manager absolutely refused to reprint them! I stopped shopping at that store after that.
I haven't been in a CVS in years now. It just wasn't worth chasing deals from one store to another due to stocking issues, etc. But I sure enjoyed it when it worked like a charm. I'm not upset. There have been all sorts of savings schemes I've been able to work over the years and they worked for a bit then became obsolete. Something else will come along. It always does.

Martha said...

Hi Rhonda! I'm popping over for a visit from the link at Anne place, Cooking and All That Jazz. I love the way you document your savings, I really should do that too. I'm looking forward to following along here :)

Mary said...

Funny meme! Thanks for the laugh. And your fried rice looks really good :p

Stay well :)

❤️ Rhonda ❤️