If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

2nd week of May -this week’s to do list, a YouTube link and what I did last week and comments

Hello everyone 
First, here is this weeks to do list.  It’s very simple and loose as things come up and I can’t finish tasks I hoped to.  
I know y’all all understand that 

Last week is a perfect example of things happening that needed fixed 
We had a huge flash rain storm last week and I discovered in the middle of the night that water was coming into our house,  
We didn’t have any permanent damage or need to call our insurance company.  And we have worked on a few things to hopefully prevent this again.  Anyway, I was busy with lots of mopping,  removing water from the living room rug and master bedroom carpet,  washing several loads of towels that mopped up rain water - so very little was crossed off last weeks to do list while I spent 2 days dealing with the water in our house. 

This week is so far going just fine.  
It’s really hot so my husband grilled burgers for Monday supper.  We ate all the meat but there were leftover buns and toppings so I decided to just serve those tonight with a new to us recipe.  
It’s a recipe called mesquite grilled chicken sandwiches (but it doesn’t use any actual mesquite) 

I’ll let you know how they turn out.  

A project that has been on my list for sometime isto clean out a closet in our garage and make it exclusively a cleaning items closet. If you walk out through our laundry room, this closet is right there beside the door. It’s functional now but it’s not clean and it’s not pretty. I got the idea from seeing a YouTuber makeover her cleaning closet. 
I remember this homemaker’s cleaning closet was very pretty but she purchased a lot of stuff to accomplish her vision.
I looked on YouTube but I cannot find the exact video that I remember.

Then  last week I saw Emily Wilson on YouTube redo a closet in her home. Her style is much more like my style. She didn’t go out and buy a bunch of stuff. But she accomplished the goal she wanted to.

While I would like to get this closet fixed this week, it is very hot in Oklahoma right now. And there is not a lot of ventilation in our garage. So it might get done but I might have to put it off until we have a cool spill.

Terri left a comment but I accidentally deleted it. 

She is very right about the fact that we won’t always little boys to fetch things in hard to reach places. 
I certainly don’t know everything about children but I do know children are not children  very long.

❤️ Rhonda 


  1. We got 44 ml of rain yesterday and more is supposedly on the way tomorrow. I keep checking for water in our basement as well so I understand perfectly.

    God bless.

  2. It's hot in Nebraska, too. The wind doesn't even make it a little bit pleasant to be outside. I've worked out in the yard/garden the past couple of days, so happily staying inside today.
    Water in the house discovery in the middle of the night is not fun. I'm glad it didn't cause damage.


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