If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Hello on the last day of summer

Hello everyone 
Sorry about my break- days are busy and not always very interesting so I haven’t really thought to share anything. 
Today was fairly routine but some of you might like seeing what I did.
First,  my to do list for this week was not pretty but I’m thankful so much of it is done,

Today was mostly a kitchen day.
I had some ripe bananas so I baked a batch of muffins- half went in the freezer and the other half are for whenever anyone feels like eating some. ‘
Granddaughter Elizabeth ate 2 when she got home from school 😋

My husband’s favorite quick breakfast is a sausage biscuit. 
I cooked these with one roll of sausage and 1 can of biscuits,  the leftovers freeze perfectly and reheat in the microwave
I’ve blogged about sausage biscuits many times.  The new thing in the photo is I’ve been using cast iron.  I’ve mostly used nonstick but I’m tired of replacing them when the nonstick starts sticking. 
My husband had a few pieces of cast iron that he got from a friend way back when our sons were in a church youth group and my husband cooked for the camp outs. 
He showed me the skillets and I did a little research.  One is a Waggoner brand and really old I think.  It was quite an effort but I cleaned them and re-seasoned them and this skillet in the photo cooks so nice,  

I made a batch of taco seasoning, which I have also blogged about many times.  We all still like it! 

I did a grocery pickup from Walmart - want to see what I bought?  
Inflation has me shopping very basically 
Block cheese, milk, In the bags are biscuits.
Onions, apples, oranges, lettuce, tomatoes, grapes
Lots of cheese, Turkey pepperoni, black pepper, bread, tortillas and hot dog buns.  
  —- I ordered Walmart brand bread and tortillas because of their lower price  but they subbed the name brand ones for the store brand price. 

Non food items were pill boxes and hairbrushes  for me,  vitamins for me and husband  and allergy med for one of the grands. 

I repacked the cheese to freeze in smaller portions 
I prefer to use reusable containers but didn’t have enough today.  
Last week I made big batches of lentil taco filling and pasta sauce.  
They are in the freezer  in the rest of my containers so I had to use a few zipper bags for this cheese when I ran out of empty containers.  

Dessert tonight was an apple crisp made with 3 apples that were starting to wrinkle.
It’s a Betty Crocker recipe and it was delicious. 

I had a very happy memory when I was making it.  About 20 years when one of our sons was in college, he came for supper and brought 2 sweet girls.  I don’t remember what I cooked for the meal but dessert that night was also Betty Crocker’ s apple crisp.  Those girls especially enjoyed that dessert.  

I used my cookbook for the recipe but I found the exact recipe here https://lovintheoven.com/betty-crockers-apple-crisp/
Except I used 1/2 cup of brown sugar instead of 3/4 cups and no nutmeg. Just cinnamon 

And here is the room I spent so much time in today.  My kitchen is open at both ends so I took a photo from both angles. 

Good night everyone 
❤️ Rhonda 


Cheryl Kimbley said...

Happy fall! What a lovely kitchen - looks so cozy!
Fall sure did get here quickly it would seem. Time flies. Snow will be flying before you know it. Have a great weekend.

Jenny said...

I love my cast iron. I cook almost exclusively in it. The only thing I don't cook in my cast iron is my baked tilapia. I have a glass dish I cook that in ....from habit I guess because I could cook it in cast iron as well. I inherited my mother's cast iron & my husband's grandmother gave me one of her skillets that she'd used for decades. When she gave it to me she asked if I'd rather have new one...she thought I might be offended, I was pretty young then....but no! I grew up with cast iron & knew just how precious a well used skillet is! I have 9 pieces with one being a set & I use the grill pan & skillets pretty much every day.

So when you freeze your cheese, can it be used the same as fresh when it's thawed?

Kathy T. said...

I love your kitchen - so bright and airy! We covered our back slab, and never even thought about how much it would decrease the light in the kitchen. Plus getting older everything looks dimmer. Ugh

Out My window said...

I love your house. It always looks so clean and fresh.

Tammy said...

So good to read a post from you! I'm having kitchen day tomorrow. This cooler weather motivates me to get things prepped ahead.
Normal "boring" days are what I strive for. I'm sure you appreciate them as well! ♥

Melanie said...

Good to hear from you again, Rhonda! You're always so busy in the kitchen and very efficient. I'm sure your family appreciates all your hard work. I use my cast iron skillets often. I don't own any nonstick pans due to the toxicity. My other pans are stainless steel. I think you'll really enjoy cooking in the cast iron.

Practical Parsimony said...

I absolutely love your kitchen! I had to quit using my cast iron because it is so heavy and I kept spraining my wrists. I love cast iron. I throw away nonstick skillets often.

What is the rest of the story with son bringing home two girls.

lejmom said...

So glad to hear from you!! Your everyday life is wonderful to see because it makes me realize my like-minded-life is similar to yours.

Wondering if your other family still lives with you? I am guessing so, as I see back-up pantry is in the kitchen.

I love cast iron but rarely use it as we are spoiled with putting fry pans in the dishwasher. Hubby does the dishes after supper, but if I use the cast iron pan I tell him I will clean it. Do you find it just becomes a habit? I bought those copper-looking fry pans, but they do not seem to be non-stick like you see in the infomercials. My food does not just "slide right out". Maybe I am using them wrong
I do not put any spray on them.

Have a great weekend---we are keeping a close eye on a possible hurricane in sunny Naples on the gulf of Florida...

Semper fi--Jane

lejmom said...

p.s. I freeze cheese all the time. It keeps beautifully! For toppings you can add it frozen---it thaws right away!

Chef Owings said...

try copper pans. I didn't think I would like them (professional chef here LOL) but my son who can out cook me loved them so I tried his... bought a square skillet and square pot with insert for draining that pasta. LOVE IT. Holds up to my propane cook stove and does well with his glass top stove (that I hate;) )

❤️ Rhonda ❤️