If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Deals and Thanksgiving cookies

I had to go to town (the post office and stores are about 4 miles from my home) to mail a letter so I stopped at 2 stores for some stocking up good deals.
Walgreens has 1 ounce bottles of Mccormicks pure vanilla for $1.50. 
Sundays paper had coupons for this item $1.75/2
However when I went to Walgreens, they were out of it. 
I needed to go to Walmart anyway so I just price matched it there
The regular price at Walmart was $2.98 a bottle, with this deal, I got all 4 bottles for $2.50. 
Walgreens has Purex B1g2free. 
I used $1.50/2 coupons printed from the Swagbucks site. 
Thankfully Walgreens did have the detergent in stock as Walmart does not price match this kind of deal. 
If you miss this deal this week, I saw that CVS will have this same deal on Thanksgiving day- and I am not saying anyone should or should not shop on that day, but they are having the Purex B1g2free.
These 6 bottles were $8.54 after sales and coupons. The cashier and my receipt said I saved $23.96

Getting ready for Thanksgiving, I baked a double batch of plain oatmeal cookies. 
They will go in the freezer as soon as they cool- but I better keep some out for my husband and grandsons to have for dessert tonight.
We will have family here for several days around Thanksgiving and I know they will all be happy to have homemade oatmeal cookies. 


  1. Buying the laundry 'pods' so goes against my frugal side, but the liquid always is messy no matter how careful I am. Plus the powder detergents bother my asthma. So I LOVE the person who invented the laundry pods.....and the Downy ball. Gosh I love that thing;-) Great deals.
    blessings, jill
    ps. I saw you are joining Precious in her 2014 challenge. I thinking about it. I always start out great on challenges, then fizzle out.

  2. Great deals, especially the vanilla. Yum, I love oatmeal cookies with a hot cup of coffee!


  3. A stock of cookies in the freezer is one of my favorite things to have!

  4. do you have a recipe for the cookies?

    1. Yes Sandra, I will post it later today

    2. thanks - an activity for a cold rainy afternoon!

  5. Love seeing all the great deals you get. I too need to get started on baking, just as soon as I get the sewing caught up


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