If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, November 4, 2013

Last of October fun.....

I sewed aprons for my son and a friend to wear at a costume party, inspired by a tv show I have never seen. I used an apron pattern I found in my stash. Mccalls 5551. I don't know if it is still in print. 
It has a different feature as the stings are all adjustable, there is a casing for the facing on the top slanted part. The sting goes in the side bottom and then down the other side and ties in the back. 

It was a style that sewed up especially quickly.  My daughter made the iron on emblem on the apron fronts with her silhouette machine and heat press. 
The only problem was the drawstring, made as the patten said, was too short. They said they could barely tie them in a knot and not the bow that aprons are usually tied with. 
I may make this apron again so I wrote that change on he patten envelope before I stored it away. 

Our church had a fall carnival, we did not go as we were at the hospital.
My son in law's step mother made and worked this fun booth at the party. 
It is a big nose and the children reached inside and either got candy or slime. Ewww
Knowing Patty, only big boys who would appreciate slime got slime. 
Sweet or squeamish little girls only got candy. 
I hope the nose does not offend any of you but just makes you smile. 


  1. I love that nose! That seems like a really fun idea.

  2. I made aprons like that back in the '70s. You're right; it's better to have long ties than short ones.

  3. No one who has ever had a son could be offended. What is it with boys- buggers and ummm gas are always funny to them. Angela

  4. Love the nose! I know some little boys who would think that was hilarious!

  5. Only a smile? Made me laugh! I just might pass that idea on!
    You know how I love your apron! The strings I make for my aprons are really long, probably three yards long; going through the sides and around the neck does take a lot of length.

    1. I think that string I put in those aprons was closer to 2 yards, nowhere near 3 yards. I wonder if I read the pattern wrong. Thanks for the info, it will ce useful when I sew that pattern again


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