If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, August 26, 2016

An assortment

I ordered 2 dozen silicone baking cups from Amazon and have been having fun with them.  
I put some in my granddaughter's lunch one day (Her parents always fix her lunch for school but I was happy to this once and she was so excited about the muffin cups). Tammy has been posting lunches she makes for her grandsons with silicone cups and it is a fun way to pack lunches.
If you want some, silicone cups are for sale on Amazon and EBay, at a range of prices, some are very low! 

Elizabeth's lunch - all things she likes- clementines, pecans, Aldi veggie chips and a PBJ sandwich. 

I also baked some blueberry muffins, in just the silicone cups, using no muffin pan.  
They work great. 

If you are patient and wait to eat the muffins until they cool, the muffins pop right out of the cups.

I did hand wash the cups.  I think they are dishwasher safe but I imagine they would just fly and float around as they are so lightweight.  

Shopping Haul at the VA Hospital - really 
My husband has had several appointments at the VA hospital recently.  (He is fine, no worries)
There is small store there called The Patriot Store that sells snacks, some clothes and gift items, just an assortment.  We arrived early so we browsed there instead of sitting in the waiting room.  
My husband found a belt that he really likes and needed - belts seem hard to find and this one is just right.
I found a small silicone ladle that I had on my list of wants.  
And these flag decorations were almost free- 75% off. 

These flag banners were 24 cents and the flag tinsel were 49 cents.  I like that they are flat and will be easy to store until needed.  

We visited at our son's home on the way to the hospital.  When we left, 4 year old Andie handed me a little bundle and said "here Grandma, you will need this while you wait at the doctor" 
It was a sheet of stickers and 4 crayons rolled up in a sheet of paper.  Isn't she sweet? 😍

Speaking of Andie, here she is with her little sister Charlie and baby brother RJ

Baby RJ - he is wonderful (and so are professional photographers )

Aldi has a new, expanded line of baby products.  We very much like their new Little Journey diapers.  
They are about 1/2 the price of name brand diapers and work just as good.  
That's our giant Jackson ❤️ 
He doesn't care what kind of diapers we use, but he does likes playing with the packages.  

Braeden - with a self-inflicted carpet burn he got when he rubbed his face too fast on carpet 😱


  1. A good looking crew there! Andie's thoughtfulness is really touching.

    We're waiting for our first grandbaby to be born any day now, so it's good to know about the Aldi diapers. (we're just a LITTLE excited!)

  2. I had to laugh at the carpet burn. So funny.

  3. What sweet kids- and I'm laughing too at the carpet burn. Boys!

  4. What a bunch of cuties! Charlie looks so much like my little Violet! What a thoughtful little girl Andie is. Hadn't thought of rug burns in ages. Ha! Little boys are always having mishaps. I remember they were always wearing out the knees on their pants. How much crawling around that must have taken! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  5. How sweet of Andie. Ouch on the rug burn although I did chuckle... boys! Now that I'm not babysitting for Megan's cousins it is sad how quiet our backyard is without the boys. They make life interesting!

  6. Aw what sweet pictures! I love the little indian picture...how creative. You have beautiful grandchildren.

  7. Adorable babies! I love the little Indian pic. Too cute. You should be proud!

  8. Good deals! flat is always wonderful. Andie is so sweet and they are all beautiful children, even with the carpet burn.


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