If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Cooking ahead… Just in case

My husband spent a week in Arkansas, helping his elderly parents.
When he returned, he had a horrible respiratory illness. He did not go to the doctor, so we don’t know what it was, but he had the worst cough, and just felt terrible.

I was afraid I might catch his cold.
I washed my hands all the time and we stayed in different rooms
And I was just as careful as I could be.
But just in case I might get sick, I spent some time doing some cooking so we would have easy things to reheat

(But if or your family don’t like “leftovers” this blog post is not for you) 

I used this big package of extra lean ground beef that had been in the freezer for awhile 

I used these fresh ingredients plus some cherry tomatoes

Those are the dry ingredients

Results - 
Tossed salad, A box with sliced tomatoes and lettuce for sandwiches, and another container with toppings for tacos

I used about a fourth of the hamburger to make the goulash, the dish with tomatoes, bell peppers and macaroni
I  used about a fourth of the meat with brown gravy mix and it can be served over the cooked egg noodles
Then, about half of the meat was seasoned with taco seasoning, onions, and bell peppers
We don’t normally eat beef meal after meal but I was cooking with what I had and was doing it easy. 
 It’s also 96% lean beef 

I cleaned up as I went
From start to finish it took just a little over an hour
And I’m very happy to have the mess of cooking over with for several days.  
After I loaded the dishwasher, I sat down with a bowl of grapes and my bowl of water


To help my memory, and in case, my husband ends up doing meals, I wrote down the ready made foods and put the list on the refrigerator  door. 

My husband got back Wednesday and he is so much better now.  And so far on Saturday, I have no symptoms of what he has.
He had the worst cough, I really don’t know how he is doing so much better so fast.
Other times, when either one of us have had a bad cold or respiratory situation, it has taken at least 10 days to get over it

When he got back here to Oklahoma, he started taking this daytime and nighttime medicine
We don’t know if that’s why he got better so fast. It certainly seemed to help his symptoms.
I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving medical advice. I’m just telling you what worked for him.  

I was told by a visiting nurse who was caring for  my older relative that there is some sort of a mystery respiratory disease going around, it has symptoms like Covid and RSV but it is neither one of those.
And again, we don’t know what my husband had except what he had mostly had terrible respiratory symptoms

I hope you all are staying healthy and warm, if you’re living in this cold weather right now.  



  1. I’ve heard about. I don’t want it. I have scarred lung tissue and while I don’t have any pulmonary issues at this time, the Doctor told me any respiratory infection could be rough for me. I sure hope you don’t get it and it’s good that your husband is better. Your meal ideas are good!

  2. We would not eat that much beef for so many days, either, but any food is good! Plus, it is much better than processed food. It all looks delicious.

    I cannot have any of the meds in that box. However, I do take guaifenesin, a generic product to make coughs productive. It is cheap. Plus, the original Mucinex was guaifenesin and still is. I just buy the generic stuff.
    The multipack is new to me.

  3. Hope you stay healthy and glad hubs is improving. Stay in if possible and avoid the cold air.

  4. Hopefully you don't catch it. Those are great meals to batch cook and freeze. You even got the sides made up as well.

    God bless.

  5. I know several people who've had this respiratory virus (not Covid, not RSV) where they coughed and hacked for over a month! Sure hope you don't catch it. And glad your husband is feeling better already. Good idea to make meals ahead of time while you're well.

  6. Rhonda, I did something like that before my foot surgery, both for the fridge and freezer. Love what you did with that ground beef. I'm thinking I just need to do this kind of thing more regularly, because it's great to have prepared, homemade meals at the ready. --Elise

  7. I'm glad your DH is getting better & pray that you don't get sick. I was sick for a week recently too (pretty sure I had covid). Your meals all look so yummy. I love to cook ahead. I do all my cooking on Sundays. It gives me peace of mind.

  8. We've all had it here in Texas! The cough is the worst part and it takes a while for it to go away completely. Fever can happen for a day or two, as well. Otherwise, it's like a mild flu or bad cold.

  9. I'm glad your husband is getting better and I hope you never catch it! I love how you are prepared though.

  10. It's always good to have things done ahead of time. You never know when an emergency might happen. What if all my laundry is undone? What if I haven't made any bread? What if there's no gasoline in the car? What if the house is beyond dirt? I try to keep things done up and ready for whatever happens. You did a good job!

  11. I did a little of the same when Layla was diagnosed with influenza the day before her birthday. Last year when she brought it home, I was among the family members who also got it. So this year, just in case, I whipped up some chicken soup and cooked noodles to add to it when heated up. I cut up some oranges and got some juices stocked in the frig. I did not end up sick this time, thank goodness, but stayed home and away from people until I knew I was good.
    I hope you stayed well, and that Jeff is well once again!

  12. That was really smart of you to cook all those meals ahead. They sounded wonderful. I am so glad that you did not get sick. Precious


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