If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Crafting and sewing things organization and room switcheroo

Hello - I did a rather poor job as a Blogger in May but I have hopes to do much better in June. 
May was just a hectic month in our home.  

I did spend a good bit of time redoing my crafting and sewing things, which led to some other moving around too but it’s all done and I’m so happy with it.  

If you look a few posts back, you can see the messy before state of this room.  

Now, this is my sewing desk.  It didn’t change much except the drawers are cleaned out. 
The sack is where I put trash and threads, etc when I’m sewing.  

I downsized my rubber stamps but I kept plenty.  Besides the ones on the wall rack, my everyday stamps are in one drawer and Christmas ones in another.  
The drawers also hold craft paper, scissors, stamp pads, card supplies and Cricut accessories.  
The big basket in the middle right of the photo holds jewelry making beads and accessories.  
To the right of this table is our desktop computer.  

The closet got a lot of work.  I’m glad it holds so much, because I have a lot of stuff.  I did buy a small portion of these supplies but I got so much stuff from my parents when they moved to a retirement home, my daughter has given me lots of stuff, as well as a few friends and one stranger have given me supplies.  

I spent money for this re-do on these small shoe box size storage boxes and some big storage tubs. All  are clear, so I can easily see what is inside, and all were purchased at Walmart. 
I labeled them all with their contents written on cards that are inside each box.  
The cards don’t get lost or fall off, and I won’t ever have to peel them off like I might if I’d used sticker labels.  

We also moved the treadmill and rowing machine into this craft room/office.  
It’s not a spacious room, but everything fits with just aenough space to be functional.  

Fabric I don’t plan on using right away and other sewing things are now stored in clear tubs in the guest room closet. 

I have several clothing patterns that were printed online.  I previously had them hanging from a bulletin board and they looked messy.  
So I rigged some binder clips with small zip ties so I could hang the patterns from a hook inside one of the closet doors.  
It works fine, keeps the patterns handy and flat but behind closed doors.  

The messy before sewing room had 3 sets of these white shelves.  We moved 2 of them into the children’s room and they now hold almost all of the toys.    Before, the games and puzzles were on closet shelves.  The grands like these shelves as they can see exactly what all is here.  The big grands all understand that they can play with anything but they have to put it all away before they get out a second game, puzzle, building set etc.  

And yes, Grandpa secured all these units to the wall so we shouldn’t have any topple over.  

The bunk bed unit isn’t new this spring,  I don’t remember exactly when we bought it but it is recent and the grands all like it too.  
I sewed up fitted covers, made like fitted sheets, from some plush blankets we bought at Aldi.  
They are easy to launder and very soft to lay on, whether the grands are sleeping, reading or using an electronic device.  

All the grands like to play “cook” 
This polka dot basket holds the wooden play food and dishes.  This old wood and metal desk work as a play kitchen for them.  

That’s Ducky- we’ve had him 5 months and he’s a lot bigger than he was when he got him.  He is a very sweet puppy.  
He likes to hang out in this toy room even when the grands aren’t around.  

I still need to do some paint touch ups on the walls in those 2 rooms and add some framed things to the wall.  

While I didn’t downsize my supplies much, I did reduce the number the furniture pieces.  
And with the Kitchen reorganization,  I ended up with a good size “pile” 
So,  we will be participating in our neighborhood yard sale as sellers this weekend.  I prefer to be a buyer,  but I don’t need anything except to get rid of that pile of discards in our garage.  So selling is what I’ll do.  I plan on pricing things to sell, none of it will be coming back into this house afterward.  

So that’s what’s going on here.  
I plan to do lots of crafting and sewing in my new space this summer.  

You all have any garage sale hosting tips for me?  My husband has already rounded up tables and set me up with change and small bills.  


  1. When I shop garage sales, I prefer to have prices on items. When a sign says "make an offer" I usually just leave the item. One time we put up signs that everything was half price after Noon that day. We had people come back and buy more.
    That's all I can think of. Have fun!

    1. I like prices on everything too.
      Jimmy and Jeff are out there now taking care of the selling part.

  2. Everything looks so nice, when I did garage sales I had prices on everything and lots of change. I also wanted to get rid off my stuff so my prices were small and I sold most off my stuff, I know some people do sales to make money but then I see them go home with almost all their stuff. Just remember people are looking for a deal just like you would. I hope your sale goes well.

    1. Thank you, I sure understand about looking for bargains at yard sales. That’s what I do.

  3. We had a neighborhood sale a few years ago and my neighbor got sued. A customer was scratched in the leg by an old table leg. A lady got a scratch on her leg, small amount of bleeding which barely required a band aid, next thing we know is she is being sued in small claims court. The lady didn't need stitches or anything but went to the E.R. after she was scratched and then filed a police report. Long story short the woman was awarded medical cost plus pain and suffering. It cost my neighbor $3500. To avoid this we were informed to make a sign that says not responsible for accidents. Buyers are at their own risk. No warranties implied or otherwise, all sales final. Parents you're responsible for you children. I don't know how your state works but this is what happen to my neighbor in Illinois. We're just either really careful or just don't bother anymore, sad we've reached that point.

    1. Oh no! My sttorney son is helping with this sale so I’m trusting he will know what to do if something crazy happens.

  4. Those plastic bins are very helpful. It all looks nice. Here are my tips for holding a garage sale. 1. Save everything! As you de-clutter throughout the year save back what you don't want or no longer need. Store them in your dry basement or garage, in bags and boxes. It will be there waiting for you when you have your garage sale.

    2. Location, Location, Location! As with any business venture you need to decide where you will get the most traffic to see your wares. We held ours at my daughter's house that is located on a busy street.

    3. Timing -the earlier in the season the better. I know that we have done better in mid-April over the years even though we did very well in June this year.

    4. Hold a Multi-Family Garage Sale or participate in a Sub-division sale. The more people that participate in your garage sale the better. When you can offer a greater variety of things to sell you have more people willing to stop.

    5. Advertise- Make sure to put up signs showing where to go to your garage sale on each corner of your street. We also post in Facebook groups and craigslist.

    6. Price it right. Yes your stuff is good, but it's no longer brand new. On the other hand you just don't want to give it away. Make sure you do your research and price it accordingly.

    Just make sure to price it! Most people hate to ask the price of every single item.

    7. Be willing to hackle some. If you don't want to carry it back to the basement or garage be willing (within in reason of course) to come down a bit in prices. If you feel the price is already at the bottom stand firm and wait for the next person if you want to.

    8. Be ready and hold great hours (9a.m.-5p.m.). We start early in the morning... 9 a.m. works great for us. That means we have to start getting it out there around 7:30 a.m. On the other hand the traffic just seem to dwindle down to nothing after 5 p.m..

    9. Visibility. Most of the time someone should be out there. My Dad always told me people will not stop if they don't see anyone and he was spot on!

    What to do while you out there? You can just sit in the shade (sunburns are not fun) or straighten up your wares. More people will stop if your garage sale is neatly arranged.

    10. Have a plan for dinner. A freezer meal would come in very handy (use paper plates). There it is hope it's not too long

  5. You are so organized! It all looks great. Ducky is adorable and I like what you did with the bunk beds.

    1. Thank you. The craft room is organized now but it was a mess before.

  6. Okay, I'm having serious crafting/sewing room envy! lol How do you get the spools of thread to not unwind on the rack? Do you just rehook the thread on the little notch on each spool or is there another trick? Great job!

    1. Thank you! I haven’t always had such a nice space and I do appreciate it.
      Yes, I try to tuck the thread end into that little notch on the spool end, but sometimes I forget. Mine don’t really seem to unroll enough to bother me,

  7. Wow, nice set up. I love the changing station. We should have one here. But I think Hub's would be too large for it:)

    1. Our 8 grands are 9;years old and younger so a lot of diapers have been changed in our home in that span. A changing station has been very handy. But soon only the youngest Grand will still be in diapers.

  8. Rhonda, the redo looks great!!


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