If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, September 30, 2019

September update and new goals for October

Rainbow” quilt that I started quite awhile ago and started back on it today by sewing all the blocks together one way with chain stitching  But its not a realistic rainbow as the colors are in the wrong order and real rainbows don’t have black and brown in them.  

Get ready for Fall organization plan
✅1. Back room desk✅
✅2. Back room closet ✅
✅3. Hall bath under sink cabinet✅
✅4. Hall linen cabinet✅
✅5. Toy room closet ✅
✅6. Sewing room closet✅
✅7. Sewing room fabric✅
8. Front closet
✅9. Hall book shelf✅
✅10. Hall dust photos✅
✅11. Dining room dust wall stuff
✅12. Dining room table top 
✅13. Laundry room cabinets✅
✅14. East hall- cabinet and hat rack ✅
❇️15. MBR end tables - 1 done, 1 still to do 
✅16. MBR vanity✅
✅17. MBR general declutter ✅
✅18. MBATH cabinets and wash curtains ✅
19. MCloset file cabinet 
✅20. MCloset my clothes ✅
✅21. MCloset Jeff’s clothes✅
✅22. Garage- sweep, spray and declutter✅
✅23. Tornado building- sweep, spray and declutter✅
✅24. Kitchen junk pantry✅
✅25. Kitchen big pantry✅
✅26. Kitchen upper cabinets✅
✅27. Kitchen lower cabinets✅
✅28. Kitchen drawers✅
✅29. Breakfast nook hutch - started - more progress ✅finished✅
✅30. Living room tables & mantel ✅

I didn’t complete everything on my 30 items list but I’m so happy with all the jobs that are done,  pretty much all of them make my life easier now - cooking is much better in the kitchen after the cleaning and decluttering.  Getting dressed is a breeze now  that my clothes are organized and minimized.  

Mopping the garage made me feel like a crazy woman though.  It doesn’t get done but every year or 2 and that floor really needed it.  
But I’m sure the 3 neighbors that drove by while I was mopping thought I was a crazy Mrs Clean fanatic - πŸ˜‚ - 

The list for September worked so well for me that I’ve made a goal list for October.  
And I had free time today so I worked on some them today even though it’s still September.  

October Goals 

Front closet 
File cabinet
✅Repot succulents✅
Clean out outdoor pots as needed
Clean oak woodwork as needed
Clean white doors 
Fall decorations
    Front porch
    Mantle and dining table 
Help Elizabeth with her room 
Help Jeff clean up shop  

🧢🧡✂️Sewing Goals ✂️🧡🧢
Sew a robe for me
Finish rainbow quilt. ✅started chain sewing blocks together 
Sew and finish flag quilt
✅Alter dress hems  ✅


  1. First off, I love your quilt! I like that it's not traditional rainbow.
    I'm totally going to make a to-do list like yours. I used to do it all the time when I blogged more faithfully, (back at it now) but I think I'm gonna start again, it really seems to help motivate me to get things done. Something about checking off the "done" items that's so satisfying.
    Anyhoo, just popped by to say Hey and Happy October!

  2. I love that quilt, and what a great way to get rid of scraps! Thanks so much for the inspiration to start the list.Even if I didn't get it completed it was a real help. I love your blog, I love that your get things done.

  3. I love the rainbow quilt... I want to do one in a baby size quilt.


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