If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, July 5, 2020

July things #1 - First to do list

  Under bushes and move caladium pots 
 Under the tree that turned into a bush 
   Berry patch                   Mow? 

  Boil eggs           Bottle water in kitchen 
  Make salad        Make veggie tray and dip 
  Make fresh salsa            Bake dessert 
  Make chicken veg soup maybe 

Plan meals 
  Turkey sloppy joes 
  Turkey lasagna 
   Whole chicken 
  Guest room bedding     
   Hall bath
   Master bath 
   Vac            Mop 
   Laundry      Master sheets 

Ducky to Spa 
Pay bills 
Grocery pickup end of week? 
Amazon thingie straightened out 

Hello everyone,  I’ve been busy with lots of yard and garden work,  and also feeling at my wit’s end deciphering this Covid yuck and how to live the new normal as people in the higher risk group.    I’m guessing a lot of you can say the exact thing.  

Anyway,  above is my to do list before I print it out and hang it in our kitchen.  

I’m still doing some food prep to make meals easier.  
Below is last week’s ......
We especially liked the hard boiled eggs with salad and sandwiches.  

Also a big bowl of naval oranges for snacking 

Some of our grandsons are playing baseball and one of them loves to slide in the Oklahoma red dirt when he crosses home plate (even when he doesn’t need to) in his white baseball pants.  
His mom asked if I could get his white pants cleaner than she was.  
First I washed them in Tide, my go-to stain remover and it helped but didn’t clean the red dirt from the knees.  
So I did some research and saw Out White Brite was recommended by other people washing white ball pants.  
Out White Brite is a powder and is sold at Walmart for less than $4.  I’m sure it’s sold other places too but my town has 3 Walmarts and not a lot of other stores so it’s where I mostly shop.  
I put 1/2 cup of it with hot tap water in a big bowl and soaked the pants an hour or so and they came remarkably cleaner!  

The only bad part is the cleaner has the same scent of hair permanent solution but the scent does wash out.  

Hope you’re all fine and enjoying summer πŸŒ»πŸ‰⛱ πŸŒžπŸ‘πŸ—½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ



  1. My son loved to slide in the Alabama red clay!

  2. I used a product called Iron Out that would get the red clay out of baseball pants. It is a stubborn stain!

  3. I need to do some food prepping like that. Looks like great snacks!
    I wish you well in getting out the stains. Have a great day!

  4. The pants came out great, Rhonda! I use Fels Naptha on the really stubborn stains. It even got red Koolaid out of a white shirt. Can't blame your grandson, as sliding into the plate and kicking up the dust is the coolest thing about baseball. Looks like you have a busy week ahead of you. We are fortunate that we can cross mowing the grass off the list as the drought has caused all our grass to die. There's always a silver lining!


  5. I have missed your blogging---we are trying to figure out the new normal, too---never dreamed it would last this long. Our kids live 18 hours away from us, so visiting has been limited to Zoom. One family from Indiana was going to drive here to Florida in 2 weeks, but now that is probably not going to happen---Florida is exploding, Covid-wise. They know friends who have the disease, and their teens are still socializing. Makes us nervous.

    Your prepped foods look so fresh and delicious! When I hard boil eggs, I never peel them. Looks like a good idea tho! How long do they keep in the container?

    That red clay stain remover looks like a miracle product! Funny about the slide into bases...if I did that I'd probably break a hip and shoulder and other things simultaneously!! haha

    Have a good day---

    1. I read on a food site that hard cooked eggs keep for a week, I don’t think ours ever last that long though
      Covid is exploding here too. I heard today about 2 positive cases that some of family members have been exposed too. It’s so scary

  6. That a White Brite is some good stuff! Every couple of months I do my load of whites with it, and everything come out looking so bright white! Be careful though, it did have a “bleaching” effect on some things I normally use bleach on with no problem (Like designs on dish towels, etc).

  7. I love your food prep: I need to try that. Great job on the white pants
    Crazy times. I'm a cancer survivor, and my son has asthma so we are trying to be careful. I went to Rural king to get a lawn tractor battery, and hardly any employee or customer had a mask. What a bunch of selfish people who only care about themselves. Doubt if I ever go back there even when this virus is over. Sorry about the rant.


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