If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

July things #2- food and oddball plants

Hello everyone 
Below is the produce I prepped at the first of this week 

The square dish is fresh salsa made with many grape tomatoes from our garden and they are so good! 

The grandchildren all enjoy the fairy gardens but they haven’t been here much because of covid.  I enjoy these dish gardens,  they’re just fun to rearrange and play with when we’re sitting at the patio table.  
So,  I made a second one.  I used a big a Tupperware lid that was in our discard pile and this one mainly has a turtle theme as one grandson is very fond of “tuttles”. 

And the original one 

You can buy things for fairy gardens but a lot of the stuff in ours is doodads we already had,  seashells,  little found rocks,  a sign made by a granddaughter 

We have some odd plants this summer 

This pot started out with one small succulent on the left and a painted plant my husband bought last summer. 
Both have doubled, maybe tripled in size this spring/summer. 
The one on the right has a bloom starting, similar to how a hosta blooms.  
Leaves that fell off the left succulent and landed in the pot have started many new plants,  all on their own with no help from me.
Succulents do OK inside during cold months but they really thrive outdoors in warm weather.  

2 more odd plants are Mother of Millions and Mother of Thousands.  
They both reproduce by growing baby plants along the edge of their leaves.  Then the baby plants grow into big plants when they fall in the dirt. 

These 2 plants are considered invasion in really warm climates and should be kept in pots to prevent them from taking over. 

And it’s hot here and getting hotter- but we are enjoying being outside early mornings and late evenings.  
Hope you are all well
❤️ Rhonda 


  1. I have never seen most of those at the last. I love the fairy gardens.

  2. Your food prep looks so good. I love fresh salsa, but it is going to be a while before my tomatoes are ripe.
    Your fairy/turtle gardens are so cute.
    Great job on the succulents. I'm new at growing them and haven't had much luck growing the ones that fall off.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love free plants! All those fresh veggies are making my mouth water. Yep, it's hot here too. Stay cool and have fun this weekend!


  4. What a cute idea. I will save all of mom's fairy garden stuff to do this with my grandkids.

  5. Lovely! However, anything that can be invasive will definitely take over my place if I plant it, so I'll leave that to you, lol. I've promised myself no more gathering wild roadside finds. All but black eyed Susan and Queen Anne's Lace take off and keep going. The two mentioned will do nothing but curl up and die here.

  6. Your succulents are really neat. Have up I need to go beyond hens and chicks. The fairy gardens are cute too. Have a gre a day.

  7. So cute. Love the little glass turtles.

  8. I like the dish garden idea for the fairy garden. We tried ours in some broken pots, but it's in a not-convenient spot, so we may have to borrow the dish idea.
    I love the turtle theme - my niece in Iowa loves them and has had a pet turtle in her room for a few years now.


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