If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, May 22, 2010

once a week baking

well, I hope this baking will last a week but you never know! Jeff likes toast every morning for breakfast and Jimmy is here for the summer, he really likes sandwiches.
Yesterday, I made 2 recipes of my Grandpa's bread. One recipe was baked into 5 small loaves.

See, I don't always use Pyrex. I've had this Pampered Chef pan for several years and tend to use it spurts, then store it back in the bottom of the cabinet for a year or so.

The second batch of dough was made into sandwich buns and hot dog buns. I slice them with a serrated knife almost in half before storing away, that way they are easy to open up but the tops don't get separated from the bottoms if they are still slightly attached.

I also made a batch of pizza dough and am trying freezing the dough balls. The theory is to freeze the dough, then on the day of pizza making, let the dough thaw and rise in the fridge all day before making pizza that night.
I oiled each ball with olive oil, then put them in twist tie bags so they could expand a little without popping the bag as they froze.

Then I put the balls into a freezer bag for better freezer protection.
I'll let you know how they work out.


  1. Hello Dear Friend,
    Your bread looks so yummy. I am looking forward to getting back to baking soon.Check your spam email. I sent you a letter.:)

  2. You've been one busy baking lady! The dough looks wonderful. I'd be very interested to know how the frozen pizza dough works.

  3. You are making me miss yeast breads. That looks so good, Rhonda. You can tell you bake very well!

  4. I love home baked bread. There's nothing like it. I would be very interested in knowing how your pizza dough turns out after freezing it. I've made the crust and baked it for about 5 minutes and then frozen it but it takes up quite a bit of room in the freezer. Your way would work out much better.

  5. I have the Pampered Chef baking pans too and still haven't decided if I like them or not. Your bread looks delicious and your pizza dough sounds very convenient. I might have to try that.



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