If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday morning yardsale purchases

It was Jeff and me out to the yard sales today. I'm a little sad that I did not see a single piece of Pyrex but we found a few good deals.

retro coffee/tea pot for $1

2 yard toys for Gavin for $1
Both are Fisher Price, one is a Lion Glide and Ride and sells at Target for $43.

Boppy baby seat for Baby E. It was in great shape, but since the cover was so easy to remove, I machine washed it and it looks even better.

And - a Walmart sack full of very nice baby girl clothes, $5 for all!

I ran all of the clothes through the wash too. Then I hung them up on hangers after partially machine drying them. There were 14 complete outfits, 3 bottoms, 1 top and a cute little bathing suit with a skirt.

I like all of the clothes but I think this appliqued dress is my favorite.

So, did any of you go yard-saleing today? and what goodies did you find?


  1. Amazing all the bargains you find yard-saling, Rhonda! I think I must move, lol....

  2. You found some great bargains there. I looked around today for yardsales and found 2 but both had nothing that I wanted. I have been looking for Pyrex or corningware too but haven't had any luck. I love your little coffee pot there. Enjoy!!

  3. wow...super good deals this weekend! The bag of clothes is amazing! :)

  4. You got some great stuff! I love it all.

  5. Wow - great score on the baby clothes!

  6. Those clothes are so cute - what a deal! You found good bargains!



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