If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Make Do and Mend

Make Do and Mend Monday - linked to Heidi at Cranberry Chronicle

My friend Heidi, in Holland,  started this neat subject on her blog.  It is right up my alley as I love to re-do things and make things work in way that suits my purpose at the moment but was not necessarily what the things were made for in the first place.
Heidi hopes to have other bloggers show their Make Do and Mend projects on Mondays,  so I am a bit late but here are my recent projects.
Join in if you can,  Heidi would love to hear from you.

Project #1
This long sleeve white blouse that  I like very much has a spot on the front that won't wash out, even with Clorox. 
I want to keep wearing it so.....

I cut off the sleeves and sewed orange rick rack on it. 
The rick rack covers the spots and makes it look summer-y.
I expect I will wear this blouse many more times now.

Project #2
When Gavin and Elizabeth started accumulating so many things at our house,
I turned our breakfast room into a play room for them.  It was mostly bright primary
colors so it did not match the rest of this living space.  It was always messy and
they preferred to play in the living room. 
So,  thankfully, I had kept my favorite pink rose curtains and most of the accessories
that were previously in the breakfast room
and I switched it back to  pink and green room that I like again.

My sewing machine is on the table for now
and it is a nice bright place for sewing. 

Nope,  I am not crazy that the extra fridge and freezer are also
in the breakfast nook.  So I decorated them to camouflage them a bit.

Can you see the little metal appliance cart?
My son found it at a rummage sale and I really like it
but I am not sure if it works in this room.
we will see. 

Gavin and Elizabeth still have a play area -
just moved to the back corner of the living room.
The rug, table and shelf are all things
we had used in other places.
I like how it does not look quite so "plastic"
The grand babies seem to like it just fine too. 

I did not buy anything at all when I switched around these 2 areas
They turned out better than I hoped and make our home
even more comfortable.

Project #3
I guess this one may be the ultimate in Make Do and Mend.
Jeff spent Monday at the VA hospital.  You may
remember that he had his right knee replaced
there almost 2 years ago.
Well,  his left knee is just about worn out too.  He will
be having surgery on it soon,  but he won't get a new
left knee just yet, 
the surgeon will just clean up that left knee, and fix what can be fixed
Wouldn't you call that a make do and mend project too?


  1. I love what you did with your shirt!! I have some very boring looking tshirts that could certainly use a bit of sprucing up. I am forever getting stains on my shirts.

    Sorry about Jeff's knee. Ouch!!!

    blessings, jilly

  2. Nice make overs. i like the orange added to the shirt. Wishing Jeff well.

  3. You're the next Martha Stewart... you're so crafty! I wish I had that kind of talent. :)

  4. Sweet blouse and a nice cheerful place for your grands to play in. Yes, I suppose your husband making do with his mended knee does count!:D
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. It's just amazing what they can do with surgery these days! That has to be the major make do and mend LOL!

    Love the shirt - it's so cute and summery! LOVE those curtains. That looks like such a nice sunny place to sew and play.

    The fridge decoration is cute. Have you thought about painting it? Chalkboard paint or maybe pink?

  6. What a great idea. Your shirt example really inspired me!

    I have a little appliance cart like that. I think they are so cute!

  7. I love your "new" blouse! I like your breakfast nook too. Looks like a great place to sew!

  8. Wonderful make do and mend projects. The room turned out beautiful and the new play corner is great for the grandkids now. Being able to continue wearing a loved blouse is just what this whole idea is all about too.

    Wish Jeff did not have to become a make do and mend project though. Tell him I wish him all the best with the surgery.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. I always like seeing your projects and the way you make do with what you have. Love the sewing area!


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