If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday yardsale finds

There were a couple of neighborhood sales on the other end of town so Jeff and I headed out early Saturday.

It is May but it was so cold, I wore a jacket and hat the whole time.
Jeff did not buy anything but I found a few goodies.  Not a single piece of Pyrex though......

this Hummel cross stitch was $1, and it is big,
I think the frame is 11x14.
It reminds me of my grandchildren.

wouldn't they look cute dressed up as Hummels in October?
I doubt it is what their parents have in mind
but I think they would be adorable. 
cute bunny lamp was $3
a living room lamp was on my list of things we needed

vintage Golden books
10 cents each

little Corningware saucepans with lids
$2 each

play clothes   25 cents each

the white background floral is a brand new Kohls tablecloth but is
too short of our dining room table,  I think my MIL will like it.
It was just $1
The black floral is a length of challis fabric,  for a blouse or skirt for me
it was 50 cents.

not exciting,  but a hairdryer was also something we needed
and I am happy with this one,  $2

Tell me what treasures you found this week,  and did you have to shop in a coat too?

see more Thrifty Treasures at Rhoda's,  join the fun if you can. 
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  1. I think that bunny lamp is darling. And I am envious over those Golden books. I remember two in particular that I read to my children long ago!

  2. I love old Golden books! Looking at the ones that you found brings back great memories. I have two Corning dishes just like yours. I think my mother-in-law must have passed them on to my husband when he was first on his own.

  3. Great deal on the Golden Books! Sounds like you had a good weekend at the sales. I didn't get out to any sales this weekend, but last weekend was pretty good.

  4. I can't imagine it being cold mid-May! We are in the 80s here.

    Lots of great finds! I have been looking for a vintage Little Golden book for my sister called Where's Goldie? No luck so far! The one on Amazon.com was $40+ dollars!

  5. It's always fun to find something that was on your list of needs, isn't it? You found some great things!

  6. The Hummel picture is adorable. I remember when taking ceramic classes way back when I did a pair in chalks. I always like to find kids books. Especially Christmas ones. You always find such good bargains.

  7. We wore shorts to yard sales this weekend! :-)

    We were especially looking for some baby items for the new baby I'm taking care of and we found a pack and play with bells and whistles for $20(retailed for $150- $200 new), an exersaucer for $3(won't need it for a while but will be nice to have when we do!), a Boppy pillow with extra cover for $1, a push/riding toy for Toddler Girl for $2, a 3-piece Melissa and Doug toddler puzzle for $1, some random small toys and a few other assorted small items. I found a jogging stroller just like what my sis is looking for but didn't have room in the car to get it home so didn't buy it!

    I love it when we find useful things that are on the list! You found some great stuff!

  8. I found a good, used fridge for my garage. It was $80. My daughter found about 12 skeens of really nice yarn for $15. She's planning on crocheting an aphgan. I also found an electric knife that doesn't look likes it's been used for $2. My daughter is also trying to find children's books to stock her classroom when she graduates from college. She found several good hardback and paperback children's books for 25 to 50 cents each. It was a good garage sale day for us.

  9. Those are all really wonderful finds! Love that bunny lamp!


  10. You find the neatest things at yard sales. :) I can never quite find any, and when I do, I'm always rushing off somewhere else. I love the cross stitch so so much -- it's adorable!

  11. I wasn't able to go shopping but it was definitely a jacket weekend for me! Your bunny lamp is darling and those vintage Golden Books were quite a find at only 10 cents each.

  12. You are making me regret I did not get out this weekend. I have to take comfort in the cold rainy weather we had most of the weekend. Think what I saved - for this coming weekend!
    I feel I need to rescue cross stitch pieces. They inspire me. And a beautiful Hummel piece for only a dollar - I am envious.

  13. Makes me sad to think someone sold that stitching for only $1 after all the work that went into it. I am glad you have it now to care for it.

    That lamp is fabulous and what a steal. Speaking of a steal, those Golden books!!! I love them and remember them from my childhood. They are expensive now to buy. What a deal!

    I am now doing a Make do and Mend Mondays party. Care to join in?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  14. 29 years ago everytime I went to the grocery store, I bought Amie a new Little Golden Book. One of my favorites is Baby Dear, which was also one of Katie's favorites. I have a small collection of Eloise Wilkins illustrated Golden Books because I think her children are the most adorable looking things and I love the interior details she put into the pictures as well.

    I went out on Friday to the Goodwill but no pictures. I was too quick to put it all away when I got home.

  15. Those vintage books are really special and I love floral tablecloth. Great finds!

  16. Oh good for you!!! You found some great stuff, Rhonda. I love the black fabric with red flowers, that will look lovely made into a garment. I went garage saleing last weekend, but not in a coat it was in the 80's here!
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. You got some real deals!!! Love your goodies. I haven't even got to go to yard sales yet this year. Seems like we are out of town so much. I love going to yard sales though. The thrill of the hunt.

  18. Love the Hummel cross stitch and you are right, it does look like your grandchildred!! That would be really cute for Halloween, but not sure if people would realize they were Hummels. The bunny lamp is a great find and it even has a shade that is in style. I can't believe the price you paid! The shade alone is worth so much more. Pretty tablecloth from Kohl's and I love challis. I have made many skirts and shirts from it. This print is very pretty. I think you did very well with all your finds on that trip and can't begin to comment on them all. I think I need to move closer to you!


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