If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, December 15, 2014

Another weeks to do list

Monday's to do list - it's doesn't look too daunting. I have today to myself so I am expecting to get all of today's things done and may get a few of the others done too.  I am guessing most everyone reading this also has a lot to do this week and next week too! 

I've already taken out the trash, walked and have the laundry started.

You know I have a CVS deal to show.  I've been using Ponds cold cream and moisturizer for a long time, maybe 15 years. Ponds is made in th USA, simple, reasonably priced and just keeps my face soft.
Last week, these large jars of Ponds were buy 1 get 1 50% off.  I had $1 coupons on each, a $5 off $15 scanner coupon for face cleansers, a $4 ECB that came by email and I used a $10 ECB and about $3 on a CVS gift card.  I spent no cash at all. 
I didn't earn any ECBs on this purchase but the before deal cost of the Ponds will be added to my beauty rewards ($5 ECB earned for every $50 in beauty purchases and CVS tracks them on your CVS card)   The CVS deals in the next few weeks don't interest me much so I was happy to spend my ECBs and get enough Ponds to last me a long time. 
My husband uses the Ponds moisturizer on his face in the winter too.
My latest CVS deal 

My brother has been making beautiful fresh wreaths for us for years.  You all know that I am lousy photographer and the colors don't show up right but this years is bright colors, red and blue and green and even has a set of battery operated twinkle lights. 
I really like it and the lights are a fun surprise. 

I better stop this post here, and get busy if I plan to check off those tasks today. 
I hope all of you get lots done today. 

I'll be back later to show another spectacular wreath that is very different from the green one and was made by brother's girlfriend.


  1. Lovely wreath! Wonderful decoration without a lot of work putting it up.

  2. Very pretty wreath! I have a long mental to-do list, but am spending a few minutes just enjoying the quiet of being home alone this afternoon.

  3. Love that wreath, beautiful! Looks like you did well at CVS.

  4. Your brother did a great job at making the wreath! Can I adopt him?

  5. I have a large list for this week. May things on my list are food related for work pitch-ins and school parties and couldn't be started until Wednesday. I am looking forward to Saturday when I can take a breather. Thankfully I am not feeling stress. I am actually enjoying the busyness the season brings this week.

    Beautiful wreath!

  6. I'm actually pretty caught up with things around here except for wrapping gifts. I'm such a procrastinator on that because I don't like doing it! Tim's home from school right now though so I've been doing a lot of cooking (and cleaning!). Love your wreath - very pretty.


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