If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, April 17, 2015

Shopping highlights

A small trip to CVS - I just used newspaper coupons and coupons from the CVS red box. 
2 body wash, 3 bars of soap, 1 toothpaste, 1 Almay eye shadow and 2 bags of clearance Easter candy (already opened and put in the candy dish) 
I spent $6.68 cash. I didn't use or earn any CVS extra care bucks on this transaction but I'm still happy  with it. 

At Dollar Tree, I found these cute little snack cups. They come 2 cups and 1 spoon in a package for $1 and are in the baby care section.  I got turtles and foxes. They had other animals too, zebras and  lions and maybe others.  
I found these paper - cardboard eggs at Walmart when their Easter clearance was 90% off,  I got 4 packs of 12 eggs at 19 cents each.  I know the grands will have much fun decorating them next year.  
I can't share his photo but my brother found 9 egg decorating sets on clearance in his town for $1.56. 

This was a big shopping week here, we also went to the commissary and Sprouts in Oklahoma City. 
Our home is pretty well stocked now and I don't expect to do much more shopping for awhile,  the exception being if I go to CVS for great deals next week. 


  1. You've done so well. Those little snack cups are so cute.

  2. What good finds and bargains!
    Our next big thing is Mothers Day in May. The shops are full of things for Mums like slippers, dressing owns, body lotions etc. Last year just after Mothers Day the softest dressing gowns were $10 down from over $40. I bought one for a gift for my friend in a nursing home. I can't wait to see what bargains I might find this year!
    Otherwise I'm watching for food bargains for my pantry and cellar. Have a lovely weekend! Xxx

  3. I love the little baby cups! A trip to the dollar tree may be on the agenda. My daughter bought some Easter decorating eggs for my grandson. He loved them.
    I bought some Kitchen towels at Joann's that were marked down for Easter. I'm saving them back for Mother's day (they just had butterflies on them). Love the clearance!

  4. I love the cardboard eggs.... Great find!


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