If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday list, CVS and catching up

Good morning everyone,  I'm back after a busy and fun week.  My parents stayed with us for a week and everyday they were here, my siblings or my children or my grandchildren were all here too in different combinations.  I think we all enjoyed visiting and seeing the sweet little ones.

Needless to say, I did not do all my regular cleaning last week so today I'm doing a lot of catch up.  We did part of it yesterday and I've already got quite a bit done this morning so it won't be too hard to have a clean, orderly home again.
I took this photo last night and have already checked off several.  
No Spend July is not No spending at all but spending as little as necessary. After paying our yearly home insurance, bi-yearly vehicle insurance, baby gifts, upgrading our child car seats and many Spring birthdays,  our bank accounts could use a boost.  So husband and I both agreed that July will be very limited spending.

CVS this week - I used lots of ExtraCare bucks from previous weeks and rewards so my out of pocket cost was very low.
The Charmin was $9.99 with a $10 ExtraCare reward for buying $30.  I had .75 coupons on each pack too.  Their are quite a few other Proctor & Gamble products on this deal.  
Propel water was $1.25 with a $1.25 ECB reward
The 2 Gatorades were $2.00 with a $2.00 ECB reward.
After coupons and $30 ECBs,  my OOP was .97 and I got back $13.25

A few scenes from this week
No, they are not all on their cell phones.  The adults are working on the Transformer toys that I got at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  If you look close in the lower left corner, Gavin has about 5 of transformers  that are back in their original state.  

My daughter had a deal she wanted to do on a Thrity One Gifts diaper bag.  She needed another purchase to get a lower price so I ordered this very large tote- it's big enough to hold 2 2 year olds! 
All 6 grands!  And Grand baby #7 will be here any day.  

Some delicious and much appreciated home grown vegetables from my brother.

JJ helping my mom and dad make a Rhubarb pie.  He had so much fun helping put the ingredients in the pie shell and my parents really enjoyed the rare treat of Rhubarb pie.

This week looks be a bit slower than last week.  For now,  I'm off to get housework done.  


  1. That scene of Gavin on the rug with Transformers and Legos is replayed almost daily at my house. :) Did you get a good deal on the Transformers? I picked up a bag full at a garage sale last summer, but every one of them was broken in one way or another. I was peeved at the people who sold them.
    I'm excited to hear about Grandbaby #7 arriving!

    1. Tammy, I got a very good deal on the transformers. I think I got about 10 of them and only one seemed to be missing anything, i bought that tote that the Legos are in, it was filled with the transformers, a realistic alligator, about 6 John Deere coloring books, a bigger tanker truck- the whole lot was $3.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun family time! Have a great week :)

  3. I have one of those thirty one totes. They are the handiest things ever. I actually keep mine in the car for toys.
    I love your idea of No Spend July- summer with all the bills can be expensive. We just received our tax bill today. I have a couple months though to save up.
    So fun having all your family there -I bet the house is now a bit quieter! Can't wait to hear about grandbaby #7!

  4. Oh it's lovely to have family visit! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. It's also kind of nice to " get back to normal."๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you have a great week.

  5. Oh your family time looks so great. I so miss shopping at CVS and Walgreens. I'm thinking I can teach my hubby to go when he's in the city and he can just call me when he has a question. Can't wait to see the new grandbaby.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy


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