If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, August 2, 2021

Where did July go? A bunch of stuff to catch up

Hello everyone 
I’ll just start catching up and say I’m sorry for not posting a single time in July 

First- if you aren’t signed up with Esearch,  please do!  I don’t get a referral but it could be very worth your time. 
I just finished a 4 month test using liquid laundry detergent (both detergents were very good but the second one was amazing and I suspect it was Tide in the new hygienic clean variety). 
Esearch kept me supplied with detergent for 4 months and I did a short survey every 2 weeks or so.  And then I got paid $250.00!
I don’t know how they pick participants and I never know when I’ll get a test,  I just always check my email from them for offers and they don’t come very often.  
This is the 2nd or 3rd detergent test I’ve done for them and the others paid but not quite this well.  

This link is fixed now and goes to Esearch 

Our new fence is finally complete!  It’s a white vinyl privacy fence, that should last the rest of our lifetime.  
It goes around our backyard- and we have a typical suburban home lot 

I have been doing almost all of our grocery shopping online with Walmart Pickup since February 2020.  
This week I decided to get my groceries at Aldi.  First I stopped at the Dollar Tree that is next door to Aldi.  I wanted to stock up on the shelf stable milk- in case your wondering, it tastes exactly like refrigerated milk but it is so nice to have in the pantry when you only need milk and don’t want to go to the store. 
I bought 10 shelf stable milk, 2 animal crackers and 2 huge boxes of flavored Cheerios - I’m sure grandchildren will enjoy the cookies and cereal.  
I scanned my receipt and submitted it to Fetch.  You won’t get rich doing Fetch but you just take photos of your grocery receipts and submit them.  It takes seconds and you should earn a gift certificate every 6 months or so

I was pleased to see the Cheerios were a bonus item. 


That is my referral link if you should want to try Fetch 

Then I went to Aldi and bought the things in my list 

I thought Aldi’s prices seemed good! 

I was curious how I would of done if I’d ordered the same things on Walmart Pickup so I went to their app and added everything to see the total -I didn’t place order, I just wanted to compare 
Walmart was $15 higher 
This is not an exact comparison as the 2 stores have different items but the Walmart list is what I would if spent on the same list.  

All that meat was used for bulk cooking that I like to freeze for easy meals.  I made a big batch of chili and a big batch of pasta sauce.  
I cooked chicken into taco meat,  plain cooked chicken cubes for meals like chicken noodle soup and shredded chicken for chicken salad, enchiladas, etc.  
I’m quite happy our freezer is so stocked with easy meals.  

I used crockpots and the stovetop to cook all that chicken.  The chicken taco meat was seasoned with just salsa. 
I cooked lots pintos for the chili and used lots of chopped onions in the chili and pasta sauce.  


At Aldi, it’s been so long since I shopped in person and I didn’t have bags in my van.  My husband got these wine boxes as as the Aldi worker was stocking shelves.  They were perfect for groceries- very sturdy and even cushioned on the inside. 

To close,  I had written out what some people would call a pro-Covid vaccine rant.  
I’ve deleted it and I’d like to say more as my family has been depending on all kinds of medical workers for 6 weeks and counting as my mother recovers from a complicated surgery.  

I’ve always been  in favor of ALL vaccines.  
Why wait when a vaccine could save your life, make people around you safer and take stress off the medical system?  

❤️ Rhonda 


  1. Your fence looks great!
    I find Aldi nearly always beats comparable products at the other stores near me, but I am a threat to cherry pick them.
    I posted a pro-vaccine mini rant the other day. I just wish people would take this seriously.

  2. I love all the crockpots going at once!

  3. Glad to see you post. Time flies.
    Sounds like you did well at the store. I have been using the stove top instead of oven as well.
    Have a great week.

  4. So nice to find your post this morning!

    Love how you prepped all the meats so they are ready to go for future meals. I need to think along those lines...make life easier, once the work is done initially!

    I love Aldi as well---but I save even more as I get their 79 cents /dozen eggs, and regular ground beef. ha-ha

    We are very concerned about this delta variant, and we are both fully vaccinated...seems it doesn't want to go away any time soon...

  5. Your new fence is gorgeous!!! I hope to replace our old weathered fence with one like yours. Love the shopping and cooking ahead post. So many good ideas!!

  6. Yay, you, for speaking the truth about the vaccine! I have family who are anti-v. I won’t be visiting for awhile. I have young grandchildren i want/need to see whenever possible.

  7. Your Esearch link goes back to you. I would like to sign up. I have done several in home tests through Swagbucks and always find them interesting and fun. (Except one TP test that could remove your skin it was so stiff and scratchy!)

    Our Aldi seems to be holding the line on prices, too. I don't know what we do without that shopping option because our Walmart is so over shopped and has so many empty spots on the shelves.

    The fence looks great!

  8. I love your fence - I have always liked that type. Sturdy, classic and beautiful. Unfortunately I live in a HOA neighborhood and they don't allow that type.
    Great deals at Aldi. I shop at Wal-Mart mostly, but I think I will have to check out Aldi more often. I know they are cheaper on Organic milk and eggs, but usually not worth driving so far just for those. You did good.

  9. I love the new fence.

    I've signed up for Esearch but so far it hasn't worked well for me. I go through all of these long surveys & often they don't go through. I can't figure otu what I'm doing wrong.

    We got our vaccine in March. I'm just glad they aren't forcing it on people but I don't understand the fear. When the polio vaccine came out the response was much, much greater with people getting the vaccine.

  10. Yeah I can read you again. I was actually having withdrawals. Love these posts about your cooking and the things you save on, they inspire me to do better.

  11. Lovely fence, it looks great.

    You did really well on your shopping.

    God bless.

  12. Thanks for letting us know about eSearch. I just signed up! I've been doing Fetch rewards for a couple of years. I use my points to get Amazon rewards. Takes a long time to get there, but that's OK. Not much work just to take a photo of a receipt.

    Your new fence looks great!

  13. Good to see a post from you again!

    I've been making plans for doing some freezer cooking over the next few weeks before harvest starts. Greg said to plan on him working 50-60 hours/week starting end of August until into early 2022. It's helpful to have lunches in the freezer for those mornings I'm off my game to pack leftovers.

    I'm with you on the vaccine rant. We're not going out in public much, and wearing masks again when we do.

  14. Welcome back. I'm always excited to see your posts. It reminds me of my time in Stillwater. I miss it. The Aldi in STL is my favorite one!


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