If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Pantry clean up and problem, commenting problem and which tree should I do?

Hello everyone,  
I was home all afternoon yesterday and all day today and I made quite a bit of progress on my to do list.
The floors all got cleaned yesterday and did they ever need it! 

The first job I did today was clean  and reorganize our pantry.  
This is before ——

And after 

I made a new batch of taco seasoning - it’s a tried and true recipe and I’ve blogged about it multiple times.  

A triple batch fills a quart jar - I’ve put this in small jars for Christmas gifts and everyone liked it 

Just a caution about pantry filling - I had 2 unopened boxes of Aldi brand “Velveeta”
 They were out of date by a few months (but I don’t rely strictly on dates)
I opened one for a recipe I cooked yesterday and that shelf stable cheese was dry and brown.  
So I opened the second one and it was the same.  
I threw it away.  
when I bought more,  I only bought one and I spent extra for the name brand.  
I don’t know what happened with the Aldi product 

I’m thinking about how to decorate for Christmas.  I looked on my old blog posts to remember what we did other years .
I still haven’t decided. 
This white tree is very tall and I could decorate it like a snowman again or put an assortment of ornaments on it.
Or I could use the short green one.  It’s a nice tree and a small tree would be easier. 
I think my grands would love the tall one though 

How do you all vote?  

Also, Blog authors,  if your blog is in my sidebar,  I read your blog.  And I’ve been trying to comment recently but my comments seem to just disappear when I hit publish- with no message about my comment needing to be approved.  
I’m sure it’s a blogger bug and I’m hoping to figure it out.  
But please know I’m not ignoring you all 

❤️ Rhonda 


Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I like all the trees, do you have room for all of them? If not, the snowman is cute.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage!

Jacquek said...

All three trees are very nice, but I'm partial to the white tree in the center!
Whichever you decide the grands will love.
Happy Holidays!

Practical Parsimony said...

I like both trees, but if you only have room for one and grandkids would like the snowman, do it. I don't know if I am on your sidebar. Didn't look. But, I have had weird things happen on blogger only to straighten out in two days.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Pantry looks nice. I have never had that happen with the cheese before. Bummer.
I like all the trees - traditional is always my favorite. I bet the kids would like the bigger one though.
I don't need to approve comments on my blog - so if you write something it should show up.Have a good day.

Rhonda said...

Cheryl I left a comment about your spritz cookie post but it disappeared when I hit publish - it never showed up on your blog like my previous comments have. I don’t know what it going on

Practical Parsimony said...

Well, I am on your blog roll and your comment on my blog today did post.

Rhonda said...

Practical Parsimony thanks, I’m glad to heat that

lejmom said...

Your pantry looks very neat and organized...good feeling! Are you still keeping your guest room pantry like the one on your header? You are the person who inspired me to do the same, only I converted a guest closet.

I love a big tree, but I don't love putting it up and decorating it all myself. So when the tall artificial one started loosing needles a few years ago, I went with a small tree that sits on a little round table with a plaid skirt. I purged all my ornaments and loaded that little tree with the favorites. When Christmas is over, it goes, in one piece, into a closet with a black bag over it. The next year...presto...put on table and plug in...done! Makes me happy!!

I have found that when the Aldi "velveeta" is past the date, it does get weird. I do not stock up---when needed I buy a fresh one. I refuse to pay nearly $8 for the Velveeta!! Once opened, it keeps well in my ancient Tupperware cheese loaf holder in the fridge.

terricheney said...

I always have a green tree but your white one is so pretty, especially with all the different colors on it. I am like you in that I seldom decorate my tree the same way twice though. I have a huge variety of ornaments and I swap through them from year to year.

Rhonda, I have an option on comments so that they are sent to me. It keeps me up on who has commented and triggers my brain to go comment back, especially if a question is asked. I can say honestly that your comments NEVER get to my email. They DO come up in the comments though and that's when I usually reply to you when I'm replying to others' comments. I don't understand it but that's what happens every single time!

I went into my pantry yesterday and vacuumed and did some minor rearranging. I found a summer sausage from Aldi that is sealed in shrink wrap but I noted that there was a little liquid in the sausage package. I brought it out to open. It's past date by only a few weeks (like four). I'm going to go by smell on it. But yes, I'm wondering, too, why it would go bad so quickly. I love Aldi as you know but a few things just do not have the same quality as what I can buy name brand or even store brand elsewhere.

Unknown said...

Hi, Rhonda,
If this goes through, i’ve been unable to comment on only a few blogs. The rest go off into space like you mentioned. For me, this has been happening for several years, yes, years. I’m on an ipad so maybe that’s the difference. I read your blog whenever you post. Stay well!

Rhonda said...

Debbie I do most everything on an iPad and that’s maybe why many of my comments disappear too. Who knows?

Rhonda said...

Lejmom I do still have extra pantry stuff. In the guest room closet, it is half full of cans and a few dry goods. Non foods and HB stuff are on a shelving unit in our master closet.
I like the idea of your little tree. Maybe I’ll do that before long. I put up our big white tree and it is not aging too well

Rhonda said...

Terri these comments are a mystery!
That’s weird about your summer sausage, I thought it had an almost indefinite shelf life.
This figuring out which products to buy where is sure going to keep us homemakers on our toes!

Stephanie said...

Taco seasoning as a gift is a fabulous idea! I bet my mother would appreciate that.

The pantry looks fantastic. It always feels so good to get in there and tidy things up, and rearrange. I have to do to that SO OFTEN; my shelves seem to mess themselves up all by themselves! :D

happeningswithLana said...

All the trees look cute! Love the snowman one.

❤️ Rhonda ❤️