If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, February 26, 2024

A few home changes and my current YouTube favorites

Hello everyone 
I wanted to write a blog post before the month of February ends.
January and February have not been a lot of fun. My husband spent about half of that time helping his parents. You all know he came back from one trip with a respiratory infection that stayed with him three weeks. Thankfully, I never caught it.
Then, on the second trip down there, he injured his shoulder. 
Today he got injections in his back that he gets about every three months. Tomorrow he will see the ortho specialist about his shoulder. We both thought if he just rested his shoulder, that it might heal on its own, but it’s been about 10 days and it is not getting better. The doctor he is seeing tomorrow is the one who did his last knee replacement, and we are confident that he will have the best treatment plan.  

My husband and I know we are not getting any younger and we have been making changes over the last few years to make our home for comfortable and manageable as we age.
About 6 years ago,  we put adjustable beds in the master bedroom and we both like them a lot.
When my husband had that respiratory bug and I was sleeping in one of the guest rooms to avoid getting sick,  I missed my adjustable bed.  
So,  after we thought about it,  we got some more adjustable beds and put them in this guest room.  
They will be comfortable for for guests and they will be comfortable for either me or my husband if we end up sleeping in that room. 

The Queen bed was moved next door.  It looks like a nice bed but I don’t like this older mattress at all.  
I would have preferred to just get rid of this bed, but my husband wanted to keep it. And any of you that are married know marriage involves compromise.
But our granddaughter likes sleeping in this bed so for now, it’s in that second bedroom.

This twin bed is the bed that same granddaughter slept in when her family lived with us for a year. It is a really good mattress.
It was in a closet, but I moved it into the sewing room, because if someone was staying in that bedroom, there wouldn’t be any room for their clothes in the closet, because that bed took up the closet.

There’s still a ton of stuff in this sewing room
But if I ever get back to sewing, I can always spread projects out on top of that twin bed
And it will be a place for someone to lay and take a nap. If we have a lot of guest it will be another space for sleeping.  

I rarely watch regular TV anymore. The shows just seems so fake or extreme, I just don’t enjoy them.
But there are several channels on YouTube that I do really like

I really like Meals with Maria.  She is a mom of three that lives in a normal looking house and she cooks normal food. She does it on a budget and without any drama.

Big Bankz does Urbex (Slang for urban exploration) He explores abandoned homes and buildings. I don’t know why it’s so interesting, but it is. My husband and some of the grandchildren enjoy watching him too. 

Taco Stacks does scrapping, trash picking, cleaning out houses,  selling on eBay, buying abandoned storage building contents,  thrift shopping and sell at swap meets. 

I would call all of those shows G rated.
The only warning I would give is if you watch very much of Taco Stacks or urbex videos,  you will start cleaning out your drawers and closets 😊 

There are so many good YouTube channels.
But I’d love to learn of some more.
Please comment if you watch any that you think I would like




  1. I have a video on cleaning a hoarder house? It's good. Did you see that today. I need to watch yours.

  2. Hi Rhonda, I'm going to check out those channels on YT. I watch a lot of videos about Velocity Banking. I recently found Denise, who talks about all things homemaking. Here's her link: https://youtu.be/tahQ0eVzIuA?si=_EMLGoOxuzZJRLUW

    1. I had never heard of velocity until you mentioned it awhile back- very interesting plan too

  3. Whew! That was a lot of moving heavy mattresses, Rhonda! Our homes are constantly evolving, aren't they? People are always teasing me about my constant rearranging. How your husband's shoulder is better soon.


    1. I’ve always rearranged
      Grandsons were here to help with the bed moving and unpacking - that was very helpful!

  4. Thanks for sharing the youtube channels. I enjoy the thrift/reseller channel Lavender Clothesline, and dumpster diving channel "breakfast".

  5. I love how you have the beds in your home, lots of extra spaces for people to sleep if necessary. Thank you for the heads up on the YouTube channels. I will be checking out a couple of them.

  6. Favorite Youtube Farmhouse on Boone, Moss Family TV, Hollar Homestead, Roots and Refuge, Chateau Diaries, Dreaming of a Chateau, Escape to Rural France, Sailing La VagaBonde, Ghost Town Living, Dr. Eric Berg, Chateau De La Grifferaie,Nicki Positano,Stories from the cascina, Justin Rhodes, Sow the Land, Ryan Hall Yall, Country Life Vlog, Heavy D Sparks, Cole the Cornstar, Three Rivers Homestead I never watch TV. I LOVE Youtube

  7. I don't think you can ever have too many places to sleep.

  8. Love the look of the beds. You can always use an extra bed. Hope all turns out well for your husband.
    Glad to see you post. I love looking at abandoned towns too - something is just so sad yet interesting about it. Makes me mad when I hear folks say there isn't enough housing!!! Sure there is - just revitalize it.
    Have a great week.

  9. Oh dear more to watch, and I really feel like I have already fallen down the rabbit hole of YouTube. Love the improvements you have made.

    God bless.

  10. So sorry to hear that your husband hurt his shoulder now. Wonder if it's a rotator cuff tear? Guess you will soon find out.

    I'm not much of a TV watcher either. The only time I ever turn on the TV is when Brian is home and we watch together, but with his crazy schedule, it's rare that we even do that.

    Sorry, but nothing on YouTube I can recommend. I don't watch that either! Though now you have me going there to look at Taco Stacks. Sounds interesting!

    1. His shoulder diagnosis was impingement.
      He’ll do physical therapy for awhile and hopefully that will fix it. One doctor thought PT and one said it may still need surgery.
      But Jeff has always done his PT seriously so we will see.

  11. We love taco stacks and I'll check out Maria. I love getting new cooking ideas. I love to watch the Townsends (history lovers will love it too) and I love to watch Everything Auto.
    I'm sorry to hear about your husband shoulder -he is worker that's for sure.
    Beds look nice and I love your quilt ladder too!

  12. I love watching Somers in Alask on you tube,


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