If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, March 1, 2024

Back to homemaking

Where did January and February go?  Wherever it was, they certainly went fast for me.  
But I’m ready to get back to normal homemaking, as normal as is possible anyway.  

So last night I wrote out a meal plan 

It’s not a day by day specific plan but I think we have all the ingredients on hand for these meals and they all sound good.  

To get a head start,  I decided to chop up some vegetables and I ended up doing a lot more veggies than first planned.  
I wanted to make a big salad to eat for lunches and for a supper side dish. 
I wanted to cut up onion, celery and bell pepper for the dirty rice I cooked today.  
The 5 pound bag of carrots in the fridge drawer were starting to grow roots.  
We had 3 onions on had and 1 was just starting to get soft.  
So, I processed all of them and they will be waiting in the fridge for future meals.  

Then I saw we had a half bag of potatoes. My husband peeled all them and I chopped them into cubes in the same chopper used for the onions, bell peppers, part of the carrots and celery.  

It feels good to have ingredients ready for some easier home cooked meals in the future.  
And I hope we don’t turn orange from eating  so many carrots. 

Our main meal today was dirty rice and it was so good!  

I browned a half pound of lean ground beef and then cooked it with about a half cup each onion, celery and bell pepper.  
Then I added about 3 cups of cooked  brown rice, about 2 cups of cooked red beans, 2 t Cajun seasoning and 1 t sage.  
It’s not pretty but it’s tasty.  

About my husband,  he had 3 doctor appointments this week.  He has a shoulder impingement and will start physical therapy next week.  
He also had treatments to his shoulder and back, he’s not good as new but is feeling a lot better.  
I’m very thankful that for now,  surgery is not in his future.  

Thank you all for the YouTube channel recommendations 👍👍👍



  1. That's a lot of chopped vegetables. Some days, I have chopped fewer types of vegetables and less chopped, but it does save time later. Plus, Tommy eats stuff he would not if he had to prepare it.
    What are the two containers with spigots in the refrigerator. Do you use them as they are sitting? Or, are they removed for use?

    1. Hi Linda
      The beverages are in 1.5 gallon containers and both are pretty always in our fridge. One holds unsweetened black tea. The other holds different flavors of Crystal Light. I think it’s fruit punch in there right now.

    2. Thanks. I looked at the picture again. I thought those were tall and skinny and lying down. Obviously, I was not seeing the upper empty part. Does that not cause drips in the refrigerator? Where did you get those?

    3. Linda, they are about 1/3 full in the photo.
      I bought one at a yard sale and then found its twin on Amazon. They sometimes leave drips but not many

  2. Glad to hear no surgery is the picture as of now. That is great.
    I so love dirty rice - one of my go to meals too.
    Good to see you post.

    1. Thank you. I’m a fan of most everything with rice 🍚

  3. You've been busy! What chopped do you use, to get both bigger and smaller cubes?

  4. I was also interested in the drink containers :) What a great idea! I love all the chopped veggies. I like to do that and then freeze baggies of them for future meals. It feels good to get things prepared like that. I've always wanted to try those salad in mason jars that you see on Pinterest. I would love to have those lined up in my fridge :) Your menu looks good for the week and the rice looks yummy!

    1. Thank you. I’ve never made the jar salads but our 3rd son did often and liked them for his work lunches.

  5. I love all your food prep Rhonda. I do the same thing. It's so much easier to fix a salad and/or cook, when everything's already washed & chopped. I'm praying for healing for your husband. Wishing him all the best with his PT.


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