If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The mess was worth it....

I've finished all the Christmas decorating except for hanging the stockings on the mantel. But first, I have to finish painting the holders and putting the names on each one.
The trees are decorated, cute things set out and arranged and even the storage boxes and mess have been dealt with.

Red, white and green tree in the front window

dining room

The art work did not seem to Christmas-y so I just taped wrapping paper and tissue bells to the glass of each frame. I really like how they turned out

my favorite silver tree with vintage ornaments from a thrift store

Bird Tree

My made the Wise Men and Tree hanging sometime in the 60's.

How about you? how is your home decorating for Christmas coming? I love to look at everyone's decorations so tell me if you've put your pictures up.

Christmas at my grandparents farm in 1955, before I was born. The kids are my cousins, the 2 cute boys in checked vests are my brothers.


  1. It looks so wonderful and Christmasy.

    I have chosen to change your motto a bit for my holiday decorating. If I don't drag all of the stuff out, I don't have to put it away in less than a month.

    I took some dead trees/branches from my yard, spray painted them white and silver, put them in vases with sand, and put some silver and white balls on them. Art has named it the winter wasteland, but I call it modern:)

  2. This looks terrific! Very Christmassy. :)

  3. Very nice looking decorations! I want to clean out my storage containers and area for decorations. There is too much stuff in there that we don't use.

  4. Your Mom thinks your Christmas decorations are tastefully done and definitely display "the Rhonda flair" and am pleased as punch to see some of RoRo's creations have survived through the years. Isn't turquoise "the color" this year so the 60's decorations are right in style! Or maybe I'm thinking of quilting colors - turquoise and red - Whatever.....


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