If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, June 15, 2015

Neighborhood yard sale finds and CVS

Our little neighborhood had their annual yard sale this past Saturday morning. My son came over and we walked to every sale.  We both were happy with our finds.  
My son got this expensive looking silk plant for $2, the stone finial for $1 and I think the books were 50 cents each.  

The rest are things I bought 
Pretty frame $1
Giant heavy silver plate serving tray $2 - really! 
It still had this price tag on it. It's very grand looking, like it belongs on Downton Abbey maybe.

3 packs or weather stripping tape $1 for all 

Little boy clothes - all 25 cents each

A new Martha Stewart tablecloth $1 

Beanie Baby puppy and measuring spoons 25 cents each 

The biggest purchase was this 3 foot tall storage cabinet full of 12 by 12 inch scrapbook paper and cardstock for $15.  It's very heavy so we drove the block and a half back to pick it up in my vehicle.  
I haven't looked at every sheet but I like all the ones I have looked at.  

CVS this week 
I think before sales and coupons, the total was $60ish,  but after all the deals, I spent just under $10 cash and got $13 in CVS money to spend next week.  I've already checked out next week's ad at 
Iheartcvs.com and plan to stock up on Charmin.   

The Meta bars are free for everyone with a CVS card this week.  Just scan your CVS card and the free coupon will print out once per card.  If your store is out of them, get a rain check.  They are stocked back in the pharmacy with things like Slimfast and fiber supplements.  

Plus, if you do the Meta refund on Ibotta, there is a $2 refund on them.  I just started doing Ibotta about a month ago.  It is an easy way to refunds on retail purchases,  you just sign up and then on eligible products, you just scan the upc and receipt with the camera on a smart phone or iPad type device.  

Happy bargain shopping everyone! 


  1. Pretty tablecloth but that tray is gorgeous! Angela

  2. You both did really well at the garage sales! Your scrapbooking paper and storage unit were a steal. I loved buying clothes for the grands at garage sales and thrift stores when they were small and my daughter appreciated the help.

    We are 30 miles from Wal-Mart, Walgreens. thrift stores etc. so I don't get to do those things very often any more. I had a Dr. appt. in Wichita (60 miles from home) yesterday so I hit Sam's, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, JoAnn's, Aldi's, and Kohl's. I would have liked to do more but I ran out of time.

  3. You got great stuff. All that card stock, wow what a deal. I love yard sales.

  4. I just cannot get over that beautiful silver serving tray - what a treasure! I love the silk plant and finial, too. But, the paper & card-stock filled storage cabinet is an amazing steal! Nice!!!

  5. You got such great deals! Rummage sales are so much fun. Love the grandkids clothes and the Martha Steward tablecloth for a $1.00. You just can't beat that!

  6. Wow! I need to come yardsale where you live...lol. All awesome deals!!!


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