If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bargains and sewing

Hello everyone, 
The only bargain shopping I’ve done this week was a trip to CVS.  
Before I went,  I knew I would get deals but my low totals surprised me a lot.  

Some of my coupons were not attaching so the manager, who was training a new worker, checked me out in 3 transactions.  
I only paid $3 total for everything! I started with $28 in CVS Extracarebucks and coupons.  
I left with $13 in Extracarebucks for next time and all this merchandise.  

Around the first of November, our big freezer was just so full.  We decided to use it up before we did much meat rebuying and restocking.  
We’ve done a good job of eating at home and using what we had. 
Coupons.com recently had a Wild Mikes pizza Coupon for buy 2 get 1 free.  We had never even heard of them.  I found them at Walmart for $5.74 each and bought 3.  
Well, they are really good frozen pizzas! They are bigger than most frozen pizzas too.  
We liked them so much, I asked my daughter to print some coupons too.  
And now our freezer still has a good amount of meat, vegetables and 14 pizzas ๐Ÿ˜ 

No, we don’t eat pizza everyday.  But we do eat almost all our meals at home so I expect we will eat a pizza every week or so.    If we have grandchildren over,  they all like pizza just fine.  

I don’t know if this Coupon is still available to print on coupons.com though.  
But if you like other frozen pizzas or salsa,  both those foods Always are on good sales the week before the Super Bowl in the USA.  

My latest sewing was a new bedspread.  
Our bed is extra big and tall and I haven’t been able to find a bedspread even close to the size it need 130x108 inches.  

Aldi has these plush blankets for $16.99 this week.  I bought 2 king size ones and it took almost all of the blanket fabric.  It was a fairly easy sewing job and I’m so happy with it.  The bedspread is soft as velvet and it will launder easily in our washing machine.  

Ours is the sage green color.  They also come in a pretty white and denim blue navy. I had a hard time deciding which blankets to buy as I liked them all.  


  1. Great deals at CVS. The pizza will come in handy.
    Love the blankets - I will go look at those tomorrow!
    Have a good week.

  2. I love those pizzas for busy days. Just grab one out and your good. What a good deal on them too! You did a wonderful job on your bedspread. I never would have guessed it came from two blankets!

  3. Wow!
    Good for you!
    We always have frozen pizza in our freezer.
    Mostly for late night movie snacks. : )
    We get Red Baron at Walmart for like $3.00 each, and they are so good!
    Have a cozy evening.

  4. I always keep frozen pizzas on hand. It prevents us from eating out or ordering in if we're having one of those days. :) Your bed cover turned out great!

  5. I love those plush blankets! They feel so nice! You did a good job! Also your coupons are amazing!
    Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  6. You got some great deals! I'm very impressed in how you used the plush blankets to make a bedspread for your bed. Very pretty!

  7. I think your bedspread looks so nice. Good score on the pizza'a

  8. All that for $3 at CVS? you are awesome! I just love your bedspread idea. I've been thinking of doing something similar with two lightweight cheapish quilts. We have a king size bed too, and the lightweight quilts usually shrink enough, that hubby and I are constantly pulling covers from each other. I love your new bedspread!! Those pizzas will surely come in handy!

  9. You did wonderfully! Seeing your freezer makes me wish my husband had bought a frost free freezer years ago. Ours is very difficult to use since it frosts over badly often. Glad I have it though!

  10. You hit a home run with the CVS deals!
    I am so impressed with the bedspread. My guest room comforter gets little use and is in wonderful shape, but the print is really dated. I need to make a new cover for it, but probably will not, at least for a while. Your bedspread is inspiring through
    Thanks for the review of the pizzas. I have seen them but not tried them so getting someone's positive opinion will help me grab them when I find a good deal.

  11. I love how you made the two blankets into a bedspread! That would be worth making the trip to Lincoln to Aldi to get the deal on the blankets alone. I usually don't go to Aldi unless we're in town for something else anyway, then we stop in if we have time. I just may have to schedule a trip this week...

  12. Great idea with the blankets, it looks really nice. We like pizza too and sometimes I buy frozen for busy days but we like home made pizza the best.

  13. I love your new breadspread. Nice sewing job. Also what a nice deal on the pizzas. Your grands will love them. My grandson loves pizza.

  14. Lovely! Sorry I missed that sale price. I noticed that your Aldi is in Stillwater. We are practically neighbors over near Joplin, Missouri.
    God bless you!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  15. Ahhh Rhonda. Your freezer is a thing of beauty, I swear. Mimi xxx

  16. That's a great idea to sew the blankets together to make a bedspread!

  17. I'm about to empty and defrost our freezer too. It may not be frost free, but it was free from a neighbor a few years back when she decided to downsize to a smaller freezer. She said that getting near 70, she wasn't hunting wild game 'as much', so she wouldn't need the really big unit anymore!

  18. I finally found this post again! I recently received two big plush blankets, and I want to sew them together, but I am unsure how to proceed. Can you advise me? I want to cut the plain colored one to sew on the one with a picture, to create a 'frame'. Help!


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