If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Digital coupon deals, cooking and sewing

Hello everyone, 
I went to Dollar General today and did some super simple digital coupons deals.  The coupons can be added to your account either on their webpage or the Dollar General app.  When you check out, just put your cell phone number in the keypad and the coupons subtract, no paper or clipping needed.  

We needed both vitamins and trash bags so I made sure to go this Saturday, when there was a $5/25 Coupon.  
I found this deal, spelled out by Greg, the Coupon Dude (his blog is on my sidebar) and I did it just as he said.  

My total cash spent was $13.71
And I submitted my receipt on the CheckOut51 app and got back $4 for the Centrum vitamins.  

If you have a Dollar General near you and you need household supplies,  I think DG is the best place to get good and easy deals.  

Last night for supper, we had traditional crunchy tacos and a homemade chocolate pie.  

I don’t normally make pie, let alone 2 pies in 1 week, but 2 pie-crazy grandsons were here that evening and I thought I’d just make  second one.  

This one approved! And the other one did too but I didn’t get his photo.  Grandpa liked the pie too.  


Ducky got a second fleece sweater, inspired by another grandson who is crazy about Captain America. 
I’m not sure Ducky loves it.  He seems to be saying “ are the kind of owner that is going to dress me up in silly costumes” 

I also sewed up 4 pillow shams for my son from a quilt with a hole in it.  

See the hole?  

Make it do, wear it out, use it up or do without.  


  1. Awww...the Captain America sweater is adorable. Now he needs a green one with little horns for Loki! Great deal with the coupons!

  2. I love that face on your grandson eating pie. He is just so happy. That doggy sweater is cute too! You had a great week!

  3. I am watching your dollar general deals and am going to have to get on the train with you. I don't know why I don't use their $5 off $25 every week already. I can certainly think of enough to things to purchase for that deal each week. I love puppy's new Captain America sweater; precious, though he does look a little embarrassed. lol Those pies look delicious.

  4. Great week. I don't need laundry stuff for several years - but those are some great deals.
    The puppy is so darned cute!!
    It looks like the pie was grandchild approved.
    Have a great week

  5. I am intrigued! I have been so confused by all this deal stuff. I am rather excited about someone else figuring it out for me! I have a Dollar General, but I didn't know they did any kind of deals. I must have missed earlier posts you wrote about this. It's just all seemed too hard, BUT if Greg, the Coupon Dude figures it all out for me, I think I can do it! I don't have a smart phone, but I could probably borrow my husband's phone. I'm not sure if the coupons are printable or just online. This is all so new to me, but you got an unbelievable deal!

  6. We have a Dollar General in town, but it's a less than nice place to shop. Always messy and junky. We're getting a Dollar Tree, though, and I have high hopes for that. That said, you do get great deals!
    Chocolate pie. I haven't made that in ages. I have one pie crust left in the freezer from Thanksgiving/Christmas. It might have to be for chocolate pie, but first, there is chocolate cake to make for little girl who is turning 3 on Friday!


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