If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Lots of sewing -gift bags and curtains

Hello everyone, 
I had a good size stack of Christmas themed fabric, so for the last few weeks,  I’ve been sewing up reusable, fabric gift sacks, to wrap future Christmas gifts in.  
I used only fabric and trim I already had.  

They are assorted sizes, since some of my fabric was scraps, I let the fabric decide what size each bag should big,  
I think there are 27 finished bags, from small to extra large.  
When I put gifts in them,  I will tie them shut with ribbon or twine.  

Tuesday morning,  this is what our breakfast nook and..........

Living room looked like.    

I started with these older Waverly Vintage rose tablecloths.  

And by Wednesday evening, the rooms like this..........
I used the Vintage Rose to make curtains, a short table runner and 2 bench covers.  
The new prints on the wall were free printables found via Pinterest.  

The dining room got a new curtain, sewn with a huge length of sheer fabric.  (Most of my fabric stash was gifted to me, either from my mom, from some friends and some from my Dad’s yardsale purchases.  I’m guessing this sheer fabric was in a fabric lot my Dad bought) 
It was kind of pain to sew with but it made such a full curtain that it is fairly private even though the fabric is sheer.  

In the living Room,  the big white tree was packed away.  The heavy curtains were swapped out for the muslin ones that were hanging in the dining room.   
I added a table top white tree with winter themed ornaments
We still have wrapped presents, because for several reasons, our big family Christmas will be here this weekend.  

While I was swapping things around,  I put these 2 pictures that my mother embroidered about 60 years ago in the Living room.   The deer and horses are all satin stitch with embroidery floss and just beautiful. 

Little Ducky is just fine.  He’s grown a little but not much so I’m guessing he may be a small dog even when full grown.  
He is very fond of his toys and amazes us that he already plays fetch with that big taggie ball.  

My father in law thinks we should of named him “two socks” 


  1. Your curtains look so nice and what a great use of your fabric!
    The pup is just adorable!

  2. I love the changes, so clever to use table clothes. I want your puppy.

  3. I love all the bags ready for next year. That floral fabric is just my style. Everything looks great.

  4. Rhonda, I've been sewing up fabric Christmas gift bags too!!! I love the changes you made using what you had or could get for free! That's my kind of redecorating!!! Great job and so inspiring! patsi @ aworkingpantry.blogspot.com

  5. Lovely!!! WOW you have been busy. Love the bags, and the curtains. Everything is so pretty.
    I love changing things up, it's like a fresh start.
    Good job.

  6. You have been busy! I like the Christmas gift bags and especially that Santa trim on some of them. Your new curtains are beautiful; I still have nothing besides blinds on most of my windows. I would love to get rid of the blinds and add only curtains that I can open and close. (I hate the dust on blinds) Your Ducky is precious!

    1. Oh and those stitcheries are beautiful. I love vintage stitcheries.

  7. We have been using the fabric gift bags for several years. We love them! I made a few new ones in bigger sizes this year. One thing we like after years of using them are the ones with attached ribbon to close. Just make it easier. All new ones I make will have ribbon attached. I plan to go through soon and add ribbon to the older bags too. I made reusable felt gift tags with our initials this year with a loop to attach to the ribbon we close the bag with. They worked great.

    Your little puppy is so cute! And good job on using things you already had for decorating.

  8. What a great idea - fabric bags. What a great way to reuse fabric and no need for buying wrapping paper and all the mess associated with that! I love your embroidered pictures your mom made. They are beautiful and what a great way to remember you mom! I enjoy your blog - I've been checking in now and then over the past year or so!

  9. I just noticed Ducky's socks are not the same length. He has a mismatched pair on! He is just so cute. Your Mother's pictures are so beautiful. something to treasure for sure. Your curtains look lovely too! Have a great day!

  10. Everything looks great! The curtians you switched to the living room really lighten up the room. Great job using what you have on hand.

  11. Okay, the Santa trim is adorable!

  12. Everything looks beautiful! I absolutely love the Waverly fabric curtains. I’ve made fabric gift bags before and it’s such a great way to use up leftover fabric.

  13. I love the bags! You have been so smart, as always!

  14. Wow, you were very busy! Cute bags and amazing what change of curtains can do for a room. Love the pictures your mom did--especially the deer. Puppy is adorable. I like the Santa trim on the one bags.

  15. I love you bags and the curtains! What a treasure to have those pictures that your mother embroidered. :) Oh that puppy just melts my heart and makes me want one too. Hubby has already put the kibosh on that idea though. LOL!

  16. You always get so much stuff done! I need to just repeat your blog name to myself daily.
    I am working on a new knit hat while waiting for tests and chemo.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  17. I love it all--the cute bags, the curtains, the stitchery from your mother, the cute puppy. I'm really glad to see how much sewing some of you other ladies are getting done, since I'm only sewing in my dreams right now! My turn will come, and for now, I'm getting inspiration:)

  18. The new curtains look so good, I love the pictures your Mom made they are beautiful.

  19. I so enjoyed this glimpse into your charming home! The gift bags are cute -- especially with the darling Santa trim! Thank you for sharing.

  20. Beautiful gift bags and make-overs of the room. You are so talented!! Love your mom's handiwork as well. Ducky is just adorable!!


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