If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Getting back to normal

Hello everyone,
My husband is doing much better.  He’s been off of the heavier pain meds for days,  he’s doing great at physical therapy and he even drove a little yesterday.  
Needless to say but we are both very happy he’s doing so good.  

It wasn’t a big list but I scratched every single task off of the to do list.  That felt good too! 

I cleaned up the front flower beds- they weren’t “weedy” but had some dry stuff leftover and of course leaves.  
I half filled up this trash can and uncovered some tulips almost ready to bloom. 

The garage got a good sweeping.  When it warms up even more, it will get mopped too (and no, I don’t mop our garage often, maybe once a year or so) 

I also gathered up a bag of trash out there.  I’m reclaiming real estate 

as 6
Laura at Harvest Lane Cottage talks about doing.  

In the backyard,  I looked over husband’s raised beds.  They need some attention before he can plant anything so I worked on them some.  
I’ve still got 3 1/2 beds to clean out and I left the worst for last but I’ll just keep working on the .  It’s too early plant most things anyway.
While I was pulling weeds,  I found several volunteer lettuce plants.  
So I gathered them up and replanted them all together.  
I think there are about 12 volunteer leaf lettuce plants 

For cooking,  before the surgery, I made a batch of sausage biscuits for the freezer that my husband likes so much.
They were so handy for quick breakfasts.  If you are the caretaker, it’s really nice to have some fast some easy foods. 
These are baked Grands biscuits and Jimmy Dean precooked Turkey sausage patties.  
I freeze them with the sausage on top so I can microwave the sausage a little before I put the biscuit in the microwave.  The sausage takes longest to heat.  

One night this week we had hamburgers and I baked these Rhodes dinner rolls for the hamburger buns.  
We really like them but they are smaller than a fast food burger bun.  
And it’s simpler to eat slightly smaller bunsat home than to go out for store buns or takeout food.  

And last a funny story about the 5 year old grandson who is back in traditional school after almost a year or virtual school 

He has plenty of cool masks- I know he has baseball, dinosaur and super hero theme masks but apparently the teacher had some even nicer ones 😎

I hope you all have a good weekend.  I think we are going to a school plant sale and I’m sure my husband will pick out way more plants than we

❤️ Rhonda 


Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

aww the kids are so happy to be back in school and to play with kids their age. I love the story! I forgot to give them both a mask when I dropped them off awhile back. I guess they forgot too ha ha but the school was prepared for forgetfull grandmas thank goodness. Now we pack some extras in their backpacks..just in case it happens again. I don't think it will but you never know with me and them when we get to talking!

So glad your husband is getting better! I know that was rough but so well worth it in the end.

Have a great weekend!

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Glad your hubs is improving. Take care and have a good weekend

Melanie said...

Glad to hear your hubby is improving so well and is off the heavy duty pain meds.
You sure have been busy in the yard! It's been cold and rainy here for over a week. Hubby's been on vacation from work and he decided even though it was only in the 40's here today and damp, that he was going to start on yard clean up. He worked for 4-1/2 hours straight this morning into early afternoon and now he's paying for it with a sore back. He's walking like a stiff old man! He was going to go back out there and do more and I told him no way.
Poor Jackson with his lip and loose teeth. I hope they were baby teeth! I bet the kids are happy to be back in the classroom.

Practical Parsimony said...

I wish Tommy would have knee surgery. He would rather limp and use a walker than endure pain. I like the way you prepare the biscuit and sausage for freezing.

lejmom said...

Was excited to see your post in my email this morning!

Glad hubby is doing better. That was quite some incision! You are the caretaker extraordinaire!

Smart way to package the sausage biscuits. I learned a new trick!

You have done a lot of yard clean up---looks great!

Have a wonderful Sunday...

terricheney said...

LOL at Jackson...At least he knows what he likes, lol.

Kay said...

Thanks for the tip on the sausage patties.
And the "hamburger buns."

Wishing I could get into our gardens. I will not have a big vegetable garden this year, but will incorporate some veg into our flowers.
I picked up Pansies today for pots on the porch. :)

Tammy said...

We won't be gardening for several weeks yet, but I'm hoping to do some clean-up out there by the end of the week.

That's great that Jackson gets to go to school in-person to finish Kindergarten. I'm sure he was excited.

I'm glad Jeff's recovery is going so well!

❤️ Rhonda ❤️