If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, June 12, 2021

June 12 - garden produce, Grandma tricks and meals ☀️

Hello everyone 
The sunshine is good for the garden.  We’re harvesting blackberries everyday and have  picked green beans the last 2 days. 
My husband dug up the potatoes he grew in barrels - reds, whites and Yukon golds 
Some are big and some are little - and there will be lots of potatoes on our menu this summer 

Even after caring for 8 grandchildren over the last 12 years,  I am learning a few new tricks with grandchild #9 

This is the best and easiest  to use diaper rash treatment ever!  Just spray a little on and there’s no waterproof cream to try and wash off your hands afterward- 
It really works fast on diaper rash too 

Grand #9 is young enough to need daily naps.  Naps are always easier to start with a few books but this room has insulated curtains and my eyes don’t see the book well enough to read in the dark room. 
So I remembered I had a clip on book light and it works perfectly.  

I used last weeks to do list but some of the meals changed 
Onions, carrots and oranges prepped for the week 

Other carrots were grated and baked into carrot muffins 
I mixed up a double batch and got 20 normal size muffins-some we ate, some we shared and some were froze
They are a moist muffin, not real sweet- perfect for breakfast 

Some of our Meals this week 

Salmon patties, cabbage and potatoes and bell pepper - looks funny because it was hot and steamed my camera 
Crockpot baked potatoes, barbecued chicken and spinach from the garden - we ate chicken several meals and shared some 
Baked carrots, corn and potatoes, and more of the barbecued chicken

A recent guest told us they didn’t ever like leftovers.  I don’t get it- we enjoy leftovers and they are so easy on busy days 
What is your opinion of leftovers? 

Hope you’re  all enjoying the end of spring ☔️ 🌧 πŸ’ 


  1. I don't serve leftovers....I serve planned overs! Cause if I cook extra, I plan to serve it😁. To me, it is just like takeout in that I don't have to cook again. However, I do change things up some. A roast may become stew, etc. The second time around it may not be the same dish. I think it's just a mindset. I look forward to leftovers/planned overs. And, thankfully, my husband does also.

  2. WOW - all that produce. My garden has only been in for 2 weeks! Lucky you.
    I love leftovers. Like you said - easy meals. Many things just taste better the net time around!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I feel we paid for that food and we don't waste. My husband will eat whatever I give him and leftovers are usually lunch the following day.

  4. My ex-husband didn't like leftovers - (maybe that's why he is the EX) #2 husband is fine with it. We don't serve leftovers to guests or anything, just the two of us. No biggie. I love meals I can stretch out.

    Everything looks yummy.

  5. Your meals looks wonderful! I added BBQ chicken to my menu for next week ;). As a commenter said, I plan leftovers ;). I double recipes, freeze the second part, so a few weeks later, it makes its appearance. I don’t like to eat the same thing multiple days in a row, so the freezer is a wonderful time machine!

  6. What's not to like about leftovers? Often the flavors are better. No money thrown in the garbage. A night off cooking. I learned early in my life to like what I had.

  7. I like having meals prepared. I just realized a book light is the solution to my reading problems in a room with three lamps on!

  8. You know I love to make over leftovers but we also eat leftovers. I know too many people though who don't eat leftovers of any sort, planned into a new meal or as they were. They THROW them away! That just seems so wasteful to me. At least feed it to the dog or something...

  9. We love leftovers at our house...it's free food in my opinion. But I think you have to learn how to cook with leftovers in mind. Don't cook so much of something that you'll be sick of eating it. Or cook so that the leftovers can be used in a completely different dish making it seem like a fresh meal....like roasted chicken or slow cooked beef. Our meals are so simple now that I just cook what we need for each meal most of the time.

  10. I love leftovers. We often don't have them anymore because I actually learned to cook for 2 and I'm good at it ;-)

  11. Oh, I meant to say, I cook with leftovers/planned overs in mind. I don't have to change it up to make it palatable. The same thing is find with me in the same way. I would hate to know I had to cook from scratch every single day.

  12. I often cook more per meal on purpose so we can have leftovers. Greg usually takes supper's extras for lunch the next day, so I make sure there's at least that much. If there's a lot left, I'll freeze single portions for lunches at a later date as well.

  13. Leftovers used to be the lunch staple in my house for the following day. Now that there is just three of us, I'm trying to learn to cook less since the leftovers seem to be going to waste here. I'm so used to cooking for a crowd that it's hard! lol Everything looks wonderful, Rhonda.

  14. We eat leftovers but they just don't taste the same and I personally hate leftover chicken, just something about it tastes off the next day. But only baked or fried chicken, grilled chicken taste fine as long as its cold. I don't know when I got so particular.

  15. What a busy week you've had! Well done. So far, we've harvested lettuce and one little zucchini. My husband just couldn't wait!

  16. I'm envious of your beans. I love fresh green beans but the wildlife get them before I do in my garden. Farmer's Market soon!
    Also thanks for the diaper rash spray tip. Our 9th grand baby is expected any time now. I'll look for it. And finally, how did you make your baked carrots. Farmer likes them very soft and yours being sliced would work. Always looking for new ideas.

  17. I love leftovers. Sometimes I do make them into something new. That is an interesting tip for the book light and the spray!


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