If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, June 6, 2021

June 6- meals from last week and my plan for this week

Hello everyone 
Last week’s meal plan worked out really well and I cooked everything but 1 meal on the schedule.  
My husband picked spinach and a few strawberries.  Big or small harvest,  we enjoy whatever grows. 

I always get a kick out of the chicken marinating in dill pickle juice- the recipe is linked in my previous post. 

I served the dill pickle chicken with fried rice

We had a busy weekend!  
We had a house guest and a family here and neighborhood yard sales, also grands had dance recitals and baseball tournaments.  
I baked a coffee cake and blueberry muffins for our weekend breakfasts.  They were good but not recipes worth sharing or baking again.  
We watched a streaming church service this morning and it was really good! 
I think thats just an overlooked typo- and it should say sons not sis 

Sunday lunch was grilled burgers grilled today by my husband  and everything else was leftover from yesterday’s family meal.  
It was nice to have an easy meal ❤️

I spent part of this afternoon cleaning house so that’s why there is not much in the cleaning category. 
Grandchild #9 will be spending  most summer week days with us so I will adjust my to-dos to just necessary stuff for now.  
And that’s fine - one thing I know is kiddos grow up very fast 

And lastly, we have lots of lilies blooming right now- yellow, white, pink, red and orange.  They are quite showy! 

About washing machines- my new machine does have a center agitator and a huge tub.  It has a water lever sensor and you can let the machine decide how much water it needs for the load or you can set the load for a full tub regardless of size.  It also self adjusts if a load get unbalanced.   So far- I’m very happy with this new machine.  
  It runs about $1000 so if that price won’t work for you,  don’t look.  There are cheaper machines that still work great.  

If you think my washer is fancy,  this is the set my daughter in law bought.  
It’s a washer and dryer set, both appliances will do a small load and a large load simultaneously.  
But it’s a very heavy set and they live in an old farmhouse,  so it’s too heavy for the laundry room floor and they will need to upgrade their floors.  Also it uses more water than their current plumbing can drain so they are going to need to update their plumbing too.  
If you’re wondering how heavy, it took 4 men to set the washer in place ๐Ÿ˜ณ I’m just guessing but it may be too heavy for mobile homes and maybe upper floors too.  
I had no idea washers and dryers came with so many features.  

Hope you all have a good week 
❤️ Rhonda 


  1. I have determined my next washer will be a Speed Queen, but I checked out your washing machine. I will keep it in mind. It is hard to find a washer that puts enough water in the machine. No idea how I could afford it! I hope you love it.

  2. What pretty flowers. I love lilies.
    That rice looks so good. I need to make some soon.
    Enjoy those young-ins

  3. Your flowers are beautiful!

    Not sure I would pay for extra plumbing and flooring for a new washer/dryer---but they sure are beautiful!

    You will have a fun summer with the #9 grandchild---you are right...they grow up too fast.

  4. What gorgeous lilies. Mine are still growing hopefully to bloom very soon.

    Enjoy the having your grandchild with you for many days during the summer.

    God bless.

  5. We bought a new washer a couple of years ago when our old one broke down and was too costly to be worth fixing. Our washer sounds just like yours - top loading, center agitator, water sensor, huge tub. It's a GE and was about half the price of yours. When we went shopping for a new machine, I told my husband that I didn't want anything fancy. The simpler, the better. All I need it to do is wash clothes - a regular cycle and a delicate cycle. (I don't even use all the other cycles.) Another plus of a simple machine - less that can go wrong with it!

    Your lilies are so pretty. The only kind we have here are tiger lilies and they won't bloom until July.

  6. We have a Speed Queen and it is almost 5 years old and no issues. We got so tired of replacing washers every 5-6 years that we upgraded. I was told that the front loading machines actually have concrete in the bottom to keep them from walking all over the place when they spin.

  7. Hi Rhonda! It's Kate from Life At Home. I love coming here now and then and reading all your cozy work. I've been with you for years. I also love to come here for the fantastic blog library you have, it is the only way I can find any blogs I enjoy. As you know, I gave up YouTube and I'm returning to the old days when I just read books, did my writing, and loved reading these blogs. Other than that, staying offline and off YT. Feels better already, like returning home.

    Have a great summer!


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