If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 1st - a new month and new things

Good morning everyone 
First I’ll show my homekeeping things from the last day or 2.
We have 2 freezers and 1 is quite small.  It really needed defrosted.  So I emptied it and turned it off.  Then I put 2 beach towels folded to fit on 2 shelves.  When I checked it after 3 hours,  the ice had melted and dripped into the towels- very easy! 
Then I organized the frozen food. 
The big freezer has meats, vegetables, nuts, chicken broth, etc 

The small freezer has some frozen treats, breads and fast to fix foods

No apologies for the fast food items - grandchildren will be here this summer, sometimes at the spur of the moment.  It’s very nice to have easy meals they enjoy with no fuss.  

Our 15 year old washer quit working Thursday.  I really don’t like being without a washer and my sweet husband drove to Oklahoma City to get this new one.  
So far, it works so nice! 

We’ve had a very cool and wet May and June is starting out that way too.  
How’s your weather?  
Gardening is a little slow but we are enjoying strawberries very much! 
This strawberry seemed to have antlers ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Yesterday’s kitchen stuff - I emptied and cleaned the 3 drawers and everything in the door of the fridge.  
A few veggies were starting to get sad so I made a chopped salad and peeled all the carrots. 

Other meals in May 
Beans in the crockpot before I added the water and cooked them 
Taco 15 bean soup with cornbread and blackberry cobbler 
Spinach from our garden, creamed potatoes and salmon patties 

I haven’t sewn this week but earlier in May, I sewed up a stack of potholders 

I also deep cleaned my van’s interior and got my car seats up to date for the grands that need car seats. 
This booster seat had a stain on the cover and it was bugging me so- I sewed a cat on top of the stain. 

When the grand that sits on this seat saw it, he giggled and so did his brother ๐Ÿ˜Š
Clean van interiors are so pleasant! 

This weeks meal plan

Monday Pintos, cornbread and Joanna Gaines Salad
Tuesday Fajitas with leftover smoked chicken and steak
Wednesday Shrimp, baked potatoes and Cole slaw 
Thursday Dill pickle chicken 
Friday Red beans and rice with chicken sausage 
Saturday Family meal 
         Grilled hot dogs with a relish tray of onions, pickle relish, shredded cheese, mustard and ketchup
         Spaghetti salad
         Deviled eggs 
         Either birthday cake or blackberry cobbler 
Sunday - eat out or leftovers 

The biggest news here is that a very sweet child has been added to our family.  (Grandchild #9!) 
No details at all as it is an adoption still in progress.  
The sweetie will spend time with us while parents work.  
I found this nifty changing table on Facebook Marketplace (it’s also on Amazon) and it’s perfect for the short time left that the child will be in diapers 
It folds up and is very sturdy even though it may not look like it in the photo.  

Hope you all have a lovely June- I’ll try to blog but I can’t promise I’ll have time 
❤️ Rhonda 



  1. I always enjoy reading about all the busyness and organization in your home. How exciting that another grandchild will be joining your family! Congratulations.

  2. Oh My you get to grandma a little again. I am sure you are over the moon. Blessings!

  3. Mouth watering looking at those strawberries. Good job on cleaning the freezers and NO you need not apologize. I have some of those things too - and no grandkids!
    Great fix on the car seat.
    Congrats on the new grand baby - how wonderful.

  4. Congratulations on the new addition.

    What a wonderful idea to sew a kitten/cat patch over the stain.

    God bless.

  5. So glad to see your post this morning!

    Congrats on the new grandbaby...how exciting!

    I need to clean out my big freezer as well and do some organizing of it. You have spurred me on...

    Our weather in SW Florida has been opposite of yours---in the 90's every day and zero rain in May and just a few tiny sprinkles the last 2 afternoons. We need rain!!!

    Nice washer---I see it is a commercial---is it a huge tub? Is there an agitator? The agitator type is all I have every had---guess they are hard to find now.

    I keep some Stouffer's meals and Barber stuffed chicken in the freezer for when I don't want to cook! Dreaming up menus for 54 years is a lot of food to think about :)

    Have a wonderful day! Jane

  6. Can you share your recipe for spaghetti salad and the dill pickle chicken? Ive never heard of these before...and I cook a lot so Im really curious.

    Thank you

  7. Congratulations on the new family member! I so enjoy your homey posts!

  8. A new grandbaby! Congratulations to all - how exciting.

    I'm so behind on reading blogs, but have been spending lots of time outside, which my heart needed. So did the back yard. Ahem. The boys have been some help as you've seen. I love that they're that big.
    Miss L is hit or miss outside with her asthma. She helps when she can.

    Tomorrow is food prep day for this coming week. I, too, am making a chopped salad box, inspired by you.


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