If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

June 2nd - unbusy almost summer day

Hello everyone 
Today was a day spent with grands so I did very minimal home things.  
I took 6 of them to a park and they had so much fun. One grand had the best time playing with a classmate who just happened to be at the park at the same

There were 4 of us here for supper and my husband offered to go get takeout.  

There were a few things in the kitchen to clean up for the day.  So I did that while they were gone,
One thing I do every evening is set up the coffee and tea makers for morning.  
My husband drinks 1 mug of coffee and I drink 2 mugs of tea.  
They are marked with a silver Sharpie so guests know which pot is which. 
It’s really nice to just push a button and brew our morning beverages, whenever we are ready in the morning.  
The clocks are not set, in case your wondering if I cleaned up the days dishes at midnight - 

Ducky went to our vet for his yearly shots, a checkup and med refills.  
I think our Vet charges very reasonably for his services- the prescription are just expensive! 
But we do love our dog so we take him to the vet to keep him healthy.  Also, living in the city limits he is required to have up to date rabies vaccines.  

At least the weather is being  thrifty! 
We’ve had so much rain, we have not watered any of the garden or yard in weeks.
It’s also cool enough to just have windows open but not cool enough to need to turn on the heater.  

Below are the links to recipes requested 

spaghetti salad recipe  but no sesame seeds, and I’ll use multicolor bell peppers and a diced cucumber 
This YouTube video also shows how to make Spaghetti Salad 

lejmom- yes, this Commercial Maytag has a huge tub and an old school center agitator.  I hope I never have to use any kind but a center agitator washer. 

Hope you all are having a nice week so far 


  1. That picture out the window is beautiful. Nice view. Sounds like a great day with the kids.

  2. Send some of that rain here will you! OUr bills for Roscoes rattlesnake shot was only $21.70. I told the vet since he has to give this shot, he should charge more! I was expecting an office visit and a vaccine charge.

  3. Ha! When I looked at your washer I said "I'll bet she chose an agitator just like we did." Yes, we like a washer that agitates. I'm unimpressed with Sam and Bess fancy washer that hasn't got one.

    Yes, your vet bill is quite reasonable. I have a friend in Australia who seems to spend a small fortune for every needed vet visit.

    Glad you had a pleasant day with the grandchildren!

  4. We bought a new washer recently and I insisted on one with an agitator. I hated the last one we had (no agitator). I originally wanted a Maytag, but DH talked me out of it. So I bought a GE one and have had quite a few problems with it. Now I'm upset that he talked me out of the Maytag.

  5. My next new washer will go back to a center agitator. I've had this High Efficiency for 7 years now, and I still get annoyed with it. Still, better than not having one.


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