If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, March 12, 2012

Use your gadgets Part 3

Another gadget I found in my decluttering is this potato ricer.
I think Jeff bought it about 7 or so years ago and I think he saw the Barefoot Contessa or Alton Brown or one of those tv chefs use one.
The first time I used it was for a big Thanksgiving meal and  I cooked at least 5 pounds of potatoes.
Jimmy helped me that day and we were both tired from squeezing that many spuds.  

this Sunday,  I only cooked 6 small potatoes.
Ricing just a few potatoes goes really quick and easy.  

See how fine they are?
I just added a little half and half cream to them until they creamy
and a little salt and pepper.
They were really good mashed potates - very light, and smooth

If you like really smooth potatoes,  then you should try a ricer.

Cook your potatoes all the way tender so your won't have to work up a sweat while you press them  through.

But if you cook mashed potatoes for a crowd,  I would not recommend ricing unless you have some helpers with  muscles.  

about the Pampered Chef 4 loaf baking pan- I looked on the Pampered Chef sight and they do still sell it. 
 I think it is $34.  

I've got one more gadget to show you later,  as soon as I work up my nerve to use it anyway. 
Any guesses on what it might be?  


  1. I have never seen or used a potato ricer, I have only heard of them.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I have a potato ricer that I inherited from my grandmother. We always used it to make gnocchi... grandma was Italian. Makes me want to go cook right now!

    1. I've never ate gnocchi but have seen it TV. I can sure see how riced potatoes would mix up smoothly in gnocchi

  3. No potato ricer here, my hubby must be watching the same cooking show he keeps telling me I should get one!! Heck no I say, I am the queen of kitchen gadgets already. Looking forward to seeing your next gadget!

  4. I wish I had a ricer!! Maybe I will put it on my wish list.
    I think your next gadget will be a mandoline. It is the scarriest tool in the kitchen and I would need a lot of nerve to get mine out. Every time I use it, I cut myself! Right now, mine resides in a box in the basement. If I hadn't paid so much for it, I would surely throw it out. I can't wait to read along as you declutter. Your inspiration makes me want to go and clean out a drawer...

    1. you are right that the next gadget is a mandolin. Mine has a guard and I will certainly be using it.

      I am loving my cleaned out spaces. I worked on the file cabinet yesterday. When Jeff came home, he needed a phone number and I remembered seeing it on some papers I just filed, I would not of known where it was if I had not just seen it either.

  5. My son put a potato ricer on his Christmas list last year but I never found one. I'll have to ask him if he ever got one.


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