If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday cooking

My husband's birthday was the weekend before last and all our children and their families were here over the weekend.  Sometimes they overlapped and sometimes just one group was here.
It was fun weekend and of course,  there was food.

Daughter Nina made the birthday cake.  It was a 2 layer white cake with homemade lemon curd filling.
The G on top is for Grandpa.

I made 3 pinterest inspired recipes over the weekend. One was  Onion Cheese Rolls.  They were wonderful and would be good with other fillings like garlic and mozzarella 
or bacon as the son below suggested.  

and a batch of the bacon pancake dippers.  They were a big hit but I prefer my bacon and pancakes separate.  If I do make them again,  I will use my from scratch recipe for the pancakes again and put the batter on the griddle first, then top with the cooked bacon slice.  These would be a big hit with teenagers who like to eat breakfast on the run.  

Bacon loving son Bobby provided and cooked the entrees for the Sunday lunch.  He grilled little tiny lamb chops and his specialty "chicken balls" 
he has a ladle to mold each chicken ball and he puts in 4 slices of raw bacon, criss-crossed on the bottom.
then he puts in a boneless skinless chicken thigh and 3 cubes of Monterrey jack cheese.
then he wraps the bacon all around so it seals in the ball.  I did not watch him cook them but I think he started them in the electric smoker and then finished them on the grill.

Sorry I don't have a cooked picture of them but they were prettier cooked and delicious!

One bacon wrapped cheese stuffed chicken ball is more than enough for a hearty size entree.  Certainly not for everyday eating- but great for a special birthday meal.  


  1. Well, happy birthday to Grandpa! :) I love special birthday eating! I'm going to have to try those rolls! yum!

  2. thank you Betsy, Those rolls are really good. The dough is easy to work with too. It says is makes 12 rolls and they are big rolls, the recipe could easily make more and smaller rolls I think.

  3. How nice of your son to cook. I enjoy having a good meal that I didn't have to prepare. When I saw your son all I could think of was Duck Dynasty. :)

    1. Wendi, many times people have thought Bobby is Jace from Duck Dynasty. He usually corrects them but he has played along more than once. Bobby was growing the beard before the show came out and now that beards are popular, I don't know if he will ever shave or cut his hair.
      He has a really nice face, I would prefer him to not look like a Robertson :)

  4. My men would love those chicken balls! Well, they love anything with bacon...

  5. The bacon wrapped chicken sounds so yummy! The cake looks really good too!

  6. Alright now, you are making me wonder about these wrapped chicken balls. They sound delicious. Not something you'd want to eat all the time. But for special occasion, yes!
    Have you found a way to make them inexpensively?
    I was just in a store the other day and they had 2 of them wrapped in a package ready to go ...for $9!!!!
    If you do the math...you have about $70 worth of chicken balls on your cooking sheet.
    Please tell me you didn't spend $9/ two on these.

    I'd like to make some...but a little bit cheaper.
    Also...Your son isn't part of the Duck Dynasty Fame is he?
    ...love the beard.

    1. I did not know you buy chicken balls already prepared.
      If you used your own bacon, chicken and cheese like Bobby did, I am sure you could make them cheaper than 4.50 each. Especially if you found the ingredients on sale.


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