If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, August 26, 2013

Home tour- front door and dining room part 3

Welcome back to my home.  This is what you would see if you were at my front door.
I just moved the pots of flowers to the front. They had been in the backyard but the backyard is being cleared of anything that would be in the way of the new safe room that will be built soon.
sometimes using what you have works  and sometimes it is just too eclectic- This is for sure not my favorite arrangement I have ever had the front door but it will be fine for now.
Pots with zinnias and moss rose- Grandson Gavin will not like it when he sees his Tonka dump truck holding a pot of flowers but  I will sure let him play with it when he wants to.  It was in the backyard and I don't want the real concrete truck to mess up this old Tonka truck.

The Dining Room
Just inside the front door is our dining room, and it sits on an angle.  It is hard room to make work.  We first had a big round glass top table in here.  It looked pretty but it never felt too homey.   I think I like this older oval wood table, also set on an angle, in here the best.
New additions during my summer long spruce up- I used these patchwork bandannas bought at Hobby Lobby years ago- to make the window valance and table topper.  I really like the colors- red, sage green, a little pink and neutrals and have been using those colors in most all our rooms.

This buffet was in a hall but was a little deep for that walkway so I moved it to the dining room and like it best here.
The stars of this dining room are my husband's Royal Doulton plate collection.  He got 2 of the plates from his grandmother.  Then he discovered they were part of a set.  We shopped at antique malls and Ebay for a few years until he completed the whole set.  They are called "The Professions" and are 75-100 years old.
these are my 2 favorites- the Falconers because I like clouds and birds on the border
and The Admiral, because my dad was in the Navy (but was not an admiral)


  1. What interesting plates! I have never seen them before. I like the falconer too - reminds me of Robin Hood!

  2. What a nice room, Love your home made touch's. I know you must be so happy to be getting a shelter. In your area everyone sure needs one

  3. I have never seen those Royal Daulton plates - they are really cool! I like how you have them displayed. You're lucky you have a separate dining room - we only have an eat-in kitchen. I have to say though, I have never seen a dining room on an angle like yours! You sometimes have to wonder what the builder of the home is thinking, don't you?!

  4. I love the Tonka truck with flower pot...very whimsical!

    How wonderful that you were able to complete your RD plate collection. They are very nice looking and you have them displayed perfectly!

  5. Everything looks so lovely and welcoming!!

  6. I am enjoying getting a great picture of your house Rhonda. It makes me feel like I am visiting you for real.

    Please tell you mother hi from me. She came to my blog after I asked about her on your blog and I so enjoyed hearing from her.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. The buffet is so gorgerous! Love those plates too and they look great displayed altogether like that.

  8. Beautiful home and so is your post. Loved all the details.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  9. Your dining room looks very cozy and welcoming and I love the Royal Doulton plate collection. I hope you have been having a lovely summer. I have been working all summer looking after my 11 & 12 year old grands and we have had a really fun time visiting all of the touristy places in town. They are a joy to spend time with, no fussing or dramas, they are both hard workers around the house and garden. I find it very refreshing to spend time with them!
    Have a good weekend. Cindy


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