If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, August 19, 2013

Home Tour- 1st stop is the craft room

I had more free time than usual this summer and I spent a lot of it working on my house.  I did quite a bit of organizing, rearranging and a little bit of decorating.
I really enjoy when other bloggers do home tours,  my home does not look like a decorator has been here but I am going to try to do a home tour this week anyway.  no professional photographer either
what you see in the craft room when you walk in the door......
decorators would not approve of our ceiling fans in every room but this is Oklahoma and it gets HOT here,
3 shelving units full of supplies- I used to like to have everything stored neatly away, covered and out of sight but now,  I like things where I can find them easily, as long as they are still neat and organized.
the big desktop computer lives in the computer room too- but I am a bad photographer and can't get a good shot of the new slipcover I made for the office chair.
blinds closed above and blinds closed below- neither picture looks great though

Storage tubs- all full with patterns, plastic canvas and yarn, unfinished quilts and lots of fabric.
Yes,  I know it is a lot,  much was given to me by friends and the majority is from my mom.
I've thought about getting rid of a a lot of it,  but my husband thought that was a bad idea.  He said he has seen me make things with supplies on hand and he does not think I would be happy if I needed things after I got rid of them.  So, for now,  all this stuff is staying.
Paper craft table- the CriCut machine sits on top, papers are stored underneath. But right now,  my rainbow quilt blocks are spread out on it, no paper crafting happening right now.
Rubber stamps on the wall.
My husband and father in law built those stamp frames for me.
Sewing table with the thread rack and more rubber stamps on the wall.
Sewing tools like cutters, scissors and markers are on a tray under the thread rack.
The black and white brocade vinyl is tablecloth material sold by the yard in the fabric department of Walmart.

Ironing board- most all sewing needs some  ironing.
There is a closet in this room, a long closet,  but it was hard to store and then take out sewing things when needed.  So now the closet is used for holiday and baby things and my sewing things are out in the open, easy to use.

The black and white polka dot fabric on the chair and ironing board was bought at parking lot rummage sale, about 3 years ago.  It was a very long and very wide piece of fabric and it just makes me smile when I look at those dots.  Even when ironing :)
My sewing machine, a 4 year old Necchi- I like it a lot.
I used clear containers that 1 pound of salad greens are sold in at the grocer.  They are not the sturdiest of boxes but they are perfect for lightweight sewing supplies.  I learned this thrifty trick from Mary Ann.
This might be my favorite result of organizing.  I put all adhesives into one storage bin- assorted tapes and glues- and it has already been so handy.  When something needs made or fixed,  we all know right where to go for the right adhesive.  

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  1. Wow, what an awesome space! I wish, I had room for anything more than a craft closet...sigh...

    1. Lena, when my children were young and filled up the bedrooms, I first kept my craft things in a couple of cardboard storage boxes. Our last house had a big cabinet in our bathroom that I used for craft storage. I've always just used what space I had and still did lots of sewing and crafting.
      I have a room just for crafting now because our children are all grown :( but I would turn back time and go back to no dedicated craft room and young children again if I could.

  2. That is a great space! I especially like the slipcover for your chair... cute! I have also gleaned a thing or two from Mary Ann. :)

  3. What a wonderful place to work. I also have a "glue" basket! I include goop off in there as well. Angela

  4. I love your craft space! And I can relate to what you mean about needing everything where you can grab it, these rooms are work rooms for us to create in not pretty magazine cover craft rooms!

  5. Wow! You do have a lot of stuff. I thought I did ;-) Mind you if I had a dedicated room, mine would be like yours or have even more stuff. Happy crafting.

  6. Your craft room looks very organized! Looks like you enjoy many different crafts. Happy creating!

  7. I had a big tidy up session at the weekend and found treasures that were long forgotten. I have my crafting things all over, I do keep current projects at hand , in every cupboard there is at least one shelf with cotton or rulers or some such on it.

  8. I love organization, and you've really got your sewing/crafting room organized. Glad your husband told you to keep the things, I've gotten rid of things and later wished I had them for a sewing project. Saw your link at Cozy Little House, thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I love your polka dots! I've been keeping my eyes open for just the right fabric to cover my office chair too. It will turn up sometime! Your room looks really nice and organized! I agree it's much easier to keep the ironing board out in the open.

  10. Very, very nice! I love having all my things organized but within reach, too! I hate to think of all the time I've wasted looking for something when I wasn't organized and things were just piled around! And it's fun to be creative in a room like that! I love yours!

  11. This was such an interesting tour! I love seeing how others keep their stash of fabrics, patterns, etc. organized and handy. My sewing room was once a bedroom, and is now filled with quilting frames, ironing board, and cabinets. I also use plastic boxes that strawberries came in for storage containers; as you said, maybe they aren't the sturdiest of boxes, but they're clear so you can see what's inside.

  12. What an awesome craft room - it looks like the perfect space to do a lot of creating and working on fun projects!

  13. I love your craft room, especially the black dotted items. Lots of crafts can be produced in there!

  14. Nice room. Jeff is right, you just better keep it! Nice racks for the stamps. I like to see what I have too.

  15. You should paint this room green because I am GREEN with envy!! I would love to have a room just like this. We have ceiling fans too in every room. I have never understood why decorators did not like them. Love the slip cover on the office chair. I need to make one for my office chair!!

  16. What a great space! How wonderful to have to so much space. You can really get creative in there! Love the chair slipcover you made too.

    Did you change your font? I can hardly read your post without enlarging it or is it just me :)

  17. I'm Robin and I'm cohosting Monday Funday this round-I had to come over and peek at your wonderful craft room! You've done an amazing job organizing my friend! xo
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