If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pinterest caterpillars

Monday afternoon, grandson Gavin was in the craft-computer room with Grandpa and saw a bag of pompoms. He asked to make a craft with them and that was fine with me but I could not think of anything.
So before Gavin and cousin Elizabeth got here Tuesday, I looked on Pinterest for preschool pompom crafts.  I found lots of them and picked this simple one for them to do. 

Pompom caterpillars
I cut long shapes with a circle-ish end for the head from brown card stock. I drew a simple smile-y face with a black marker. 
The grands dipped the pompoms in Elmer's glue and lined up pompoms on the caterpillar shapes.
For dipping, putting a little glue in a cupcake paper liner works great for these preschoolers. 

Do you do Pinterest? It does have some flaws but it has become my go-to site whenever I need a quick answer or a tip or a recipe or ideas to entertain the grands. 

We still have lots of pompoms even after they both made an army of caterpillars. So I will be looking for more ideas there soon.


  1. My "kid stuff" board on Pinterest has the most pins, I think. If only there was time and energy to do it all. LOL.
    Love the caterpillars! Silas loves pompoms - maybe we'll do this project, too.

  2. Aww, we made those too with kids once. They are a lot of fun :)

  3. lovely caterpillars. great idea!
    blessings regina

  4. So cute! Yes, I use it to look up stuff too. I figure at this point nothing I think of is really original so it saves me lots of time when I do projects :)

  5. Cute!The littles have enjoyed painting with pom-poms--dip pom-pom in paint and print away! Not rocket science but fun and simple for very little ones.

    You can also make Christmas ornaments by cutting shapes of cardboard--a wreath or candy cane and gluing pom-poms; then adding a ribbon to hang.

  6. Looks like they are having a ball. I hate pintrest!! Ha, never been on it yet but my DD's are hooked. They are always printing things they want me to do for them.

  7. Very cute! I'm enjoying Pinterest a lot!

  8. Oh these are wonderful for the kids...and moms. My son made one many, many moons ago (at least 20 years) but on a clothespin and magnet on the back. Still use it on the fridge to hang papers.

    I do not use Pinterest, but am amazes at the stuff I see on blogs from there.
    blessings, jill

    1. Jilly- I am impressed you've kept a caterpillar fridge magnet for so long.
      are you blogging these days? would love to catch up with you. I've missed you.

    2. I appreciate you being impressed, as the son it not....too embarrassing he thinks. As if I have nude baby photos hanging there....I do not..

      I am kinda blogging....so many problems with hackers, spam, and photo stealing. Like I have photos worth stealing...good grief.

      We did move to another city, so I just started over with another blog, called gentle thoughts of homemaking. You do need to be signed in to read it, and for now I have no comments.

      Mostly reading blogs, but hope to start writing more once the Mr. is back in school.

      blessings, jllly

  9. Love the pom pom caterpillars. When my GS is coming, I look for things like that for him to do. Recently we made rock bugs. There were lots of rock projects on pinterest.

  10. How cute but more importantly how much your grandkids are growing.

    I just started using Pinterest and have a Pinterest inspired finishes file now too. It is a great way to find things of any subject.

    Hope you are well? And your husband and family? And how is your sweet mother? I think of her often and you too.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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