If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real

I've been working a rainbow string quilt.  All 64  10 inch blogs are pieced and trimmed.
the leftover trimmings from squaring up the blocks-
I think a bird could have fun building a colorful nest with them.
we ate a lot of those good Arkansas peaches.  Then I sliced and prepared the rest for the freezer- just for eating or maybe for a yummy pie.

Funny and Happy and a little Sad too
My frequent companions for the last 3 and 4 years both started full time school this week.  A Happy and Sad time both for this grandma.
I will miss them but I won't be bored as their younger siblings will be spending some of their days with me while their parents work.
This grandson  is so active and fast and always smiling.
The other grandson  is still a sweet cuddly baby.


update on the backyard garden- it has pretty much been a bust.  The flower seeds in the pots were slow to start but are looking really pretty right now.
We have lots of rain- which explains the grass needing a mowing
The grass is also tall because our underground utility lines have been marked off so the workmen coming soon don't cut any of them.  There is a different color flag and spray paint marking the electric, cable, phone, etc. underground lines.  
We've signed a contract and will be having a concrete safe room built in the backyard soon.  Come tornado season, we should be safer.  

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  1. love the quilting squares!

    Your grands are just adorable...bet they have fun at school this year! And that last little baby...awwwww....what a sweetheart!

    I'm sure having a tornado hideway will give you peace of mind, too....

  2. I think your quilt will look gorgeous once done

  3. Those children are so precious! My broccoli grew but before the head got big enough to cut, they flowered out. I cooked some of the leaves and those are tasty, Jamie's rabbits enjoyed the leaves as treats. Some of my onions did well, while others did not. My carrots are still working. Hopefully, they will get big enough for us all to enjoy. If not, the rabbits will enjoy them.

  4. The flowers look wonderful. And the peaches look wonderful. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. Glad to hear about the safe room. I understand they are probably a small fortune to build, but still wonder why more folks do not have them, especially the schools. We get NO warning here in earthquake country. Although I have often questioned my sanity in staying after the big Landers/Big Bear quake and the hundreds of aftershocks;-)

    Nice to see someone getting some quilting done. At least all my fabrics here are organized and ready....and waiting. Hopefully soon. Gosh I miss quilting.

    blessings, jill

  6. I can't believe those babies are old enough to go to school already! Time flies. I know you will miss them.

  7. It gave me a surge of happy to see your fabrics!


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